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Scotties facial tissue

Allergy season has arrived in full force here at the Frugality Is Free house, and runny noses, teary eyes and sneezes can be seen and heard all day long. Thankfully, we have a big stock of Scotties tissues, and it certainly comes in handy, when it is time to fight back against our allergies.

Scotties facial tissue can always be trusted to get the job done, and I am especially a fan of the Scotties facial tissues with aloe, which helps protect the skin around my nose against all of the facial tissue use. With blooming fruit trees in the back yard, I certainly feel the allergies in the early morning, when I sit down next to the kitchen window. I love looking at our blooming mango tree, but I better make sure to have a box of facial tissues next to me, when I am sitting so close to it.

Our home is a typical older South Florida home, which is one of the reasons why we never turn the heat on in the winter. If we did turn the heat on, it would be the same thing as turning the heat on for the birds outside…the heat goes right out through the cracks around the windows. Of course the pollen comes right in the same way the heat or air conditioning go out, so as I am working on my computer next to a window, I definitely need to have a box of Scotties next to me.


scotties tissue


We do not let the allergies keep us indoors though, because with three boys in the house, we need to get outside. This is why we bring a box of Scotties with us, whenever we go for a walk, go to the park or the playground. Our two oldest boys also suffer from allergies, but they cannot let their allergies hold them back – it’s much easier just to bring a box of tissues along to the park.


facial tissue box


With year-round allergies, I have learned to stock up on facial tissue as soon as there is a sale. This is why I have signed up for email alerts with Scotties coupons, offers and more, so that I can save while stocking up on Scotties.

Scotties facial tissue come in many different designs, and I love that I can have Scotties out in every room even when we have guests over, as I simply just pick a box with a design that matches the room decor.


Why The Frugality Is Free Family Uses Scotties Facial Tissue:

  • It is soft and dependable
  • It prevents red noses
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It comes in design for every taste and room
  • For every 1 tree used to produce Scotties, the company plant 3 trees.
  • The company follows sustainable forestry guidelines


About Scotties Facial Tissue:

All Scotties products are made in the USA by Irving Tissue, Inc., a family owned company, which prides itself on its commitment to producing products in a environmentally sustainable manner. The Scotties products are made from wood pulp fibers from hardwood and softwood trees, all of which come from the J.D. Irving, Limited’s forests.

J.D. Irving, Limited prides itself on protecting water quality, biodiversity as well as wildlife habitats, which is why more than 20 percent of its forests have been dedicated as conservation habitats. The J.D. Irving forestry specialists have planted more than 800 million trees in North America, and they continue to do so, since  they plant 3 trees for every 1 tree that is used to produce Scotties.


Scotties Allergy Survival Giveaway

If you are an allergy sufferer, I encourage you to enter the Scotties Allergy Care Package giveaway here at Frugality Is Free (see details below), and make sure to enter the Scotties Allergy Survival giveaway at the Scotties Facebook page as well. You can enter every  until May 15th.



Buy It

You can buy Scotties facial tissue at your local grocery store, mass market retailer and wherever you shop for facial tissue.

Make sure to like Scotties on Facebook and  join the Scotties community to get the latest offers, promotions and Scotties coupons sent straight to your inbox.

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a Scotties care package similar to the one the Frugality Is Free received, which will several boxes of Scotties facial tissue and a $25 Target gift card.

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This giveaway will end Wednesday June 5th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Scotties Allergy Care Package for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the facial tissue from Scotties. 

  248 Responses to “Scotties Facial Tissue Allergy Care Package & $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. I suffer from seasonal allergies and allergies to some scents.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. My husband and I suffer year-round from seasonal allergies!

  3. My daughter is allegic to cats

  4. Second Hand smoke.

  5. I have allergies as does my husband. It is pollen and ragweed and mold that mainly do us in.

  6. my boyfriend suffers bad allergies

  7. My son has some skin sensitivity when the seasons change.

  8. i suffer from seasonal allergies, I hate them!

  9. I’m allergic to a lot of trees and plants.

  10. My grandson suffers and has since birth. Not sure what the allergies are because they said he had to be 5-6 before they’d test him so that will be soon. I think pet hair may be one and some trees as well

  11. My husband suffers from allergies the most. He has seasonal outdoor allergies.

  12. my son and i suffer from allergies dust grass and trees..certain kinds o trees.

  13. Myself and my 14 yr old son have allergies. Mine are spring grass, trees, dogs, mold, dust and more. His are spring grass and mold, pretty much the same as mine.

  14. I have pretty bad allergies. I was allergy tested and found out I am allergic to most trees, grasses and weeds, mold, dust mites, cockroaches, cats……..

  15. My husband suffers from pollen allergies.

  16. My son and daughter suffer from seasonal allergies. My hubby especially when cutting the grass suffers!


  17. we all suffer from seasonal allergies…pollen, mold

  18. Both my husband and I do. Mine are more seasonal, but his are all year round!

  19. no we are blessed no allergies

  20. My husband daughter and I suffer from seasonal allergies.

  21. I suffer from allergies, one of the tree pollens

  22. I have allergies to everything EXCEPT pet dander (I was tested). I also have asthma.

  23. our family all have allergies to varied irritants. pollen, dust mites, perfumes .. we use a fair amount of tissues

  24. I suffer from seasonal allergies

  25. Hubby suffers from pollen allergies

  26. My Husband suffers terrible allergies and recently I seem to have started.

  27. All of us (daughter, husband, and I) suffer from weed allergies!

  28. I have bad allergies, went to an allergist last year worried I was allergic to our new dog. Turns out I’m allergic to everything they test you for besides dogs! Mostly a bunch of types of pollen.

  29. my dad and my oldest sister.

  30. Me and two of my gradson suffer from seasonal allergies

  31. My son and I both suffer terrible allergies.

  32. i have pollen and other allergies

  33. I do from allergies. thankyou, ken

  34. My GF has seasonal allergies

  35. I have seasonal allergies.

  36. I am the household allergy sufferer. Grass, pollen, mold, dogs, cats…I could go on and on 🙁

  37. My daughter suffers from seasonal allergies!

  38. Thankfully no one from my family suffers from allergies.

  39. My hubby suffers seasonal allergies

  40. My mom and I have seasonal allergies.

  41. I suffer from dust and pollen allergies

  42. I am allergic to pollen
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  43. My son suffers from severe allergies to many things. He is so severe he is allergic to the allergy shots.

  44. my husband, daughter, and me suffer from seasonal allergies

  45. Oh Ragweed – my whole family hates you!

  46. My husband has seasonal allergies

  47. I suffer from seasonal allergies

  48. My son is allergic to some animals – deer, elk, moose, sheep.

  49. Im allergic to cats and pollen

  50. We all suffer from seasonal allergies

  51. i suffer from pollen allergies

  52. I get mild seasonal allergies. My son though get really bad pollen allergies. He’s been really bad so far this spring.

  53. My husband has seasonal allergies.

  54. My brother is really allergic to pollen.

  55. My husband and myself both have allergies, he’s allergic to pollen and I’m allergic to dust and dust mites.

  56. We are fortunate that no one has allergies.

  57. I did before I found out what my allergy was.

  58. My son is allergic to pollen and I’m allergic to cats.

  59. My son suffers from everything that lets loose with pollen! Right now it the trees that are giving him problems. 🙁

  60. I am the one who suffers from seasonal allergies.. AND whenever I have to go clean my non-frequently used attic bedrooms! LOL OH wow does that trigger the allergy attack.

  61. My stepdaughter is allergic to everything under the sun; she takes allergy medication every single day throughout the year!

  62. I suffer from dust and seasonal allergies.

  63. My husband, daughter and myself all suffer from tree pollen allergies

  64. my daughter — pollen

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  65. I suffer from an allergy to dust and pollen.

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com


  67. My son suffers from allergies. I, as I am getting older, seem to be starting to suffer a lot. It is a miserable thing to deal with.

  68. I was told I have allergies to eggs & peanuts but really haven’t had an issue with them for years. In addition to that I suffer with seasonal and dust allergies.

  69. My step dad is allergic to everything: pork, peas, grass… the list goes on and on

  70. I suffer from allergies to perfumes and fragrances.

  71. I suffer from seasonal allergies

  72. My husband has seasonal allergies..hay fever type symptoms

  73. My husband has seasonal allergies, he’s really not sure what triggers it but it gets so bad that he has daily nosebleeds.


  74. No one in my family has any

  75. My son suffers from tree pollen allergies.

  76. My son and I are allergic to tree pollen

  77. let me know in a blog comment,who in your family suffers from allergies and what allergies they suffer from

    i do,but its very rare,and i have no idea if it’d food or ourdoor related

  78. My daughter suffers seasonal allergies to pollen.

  79. I am a huge allergy sufferer.
    Thanks for the chance.

  80. I suffer from allergies due to pollen.

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  82. our whole family suffers from multiple allergies, including grass, trees, etc…

  83. My mother has really bad seasonal allergies

  84. All five of us seem to have allergies most of us the pollen sets it off but my husband has another allergy that is frusterating when you are trying to clean he’s allergic to dust when its floating through the air like it does when you dust.

  85. everyone of us have had seasonal allergies- some years it seems like one of us will have it worse than the other

  86. Living in Florida, something is always blooming. My allergies are year round.

  87. I suffer from the most allergies in my family. We always use tons of facial tissues here, usually it is worse seasonal with greenign, pollen, dust, etc,..

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  89. My son has bad allergies in late summer due to the weeds.

  90. I am the one in the family that suffers from allergies and I am allergic to everything, hay fever, dust mites, pet hair you name it I am allergic to it LOL

  91. My wife, daughter and I are all allergic to many kinds of pollen, gotta love Spring!

  92. I have animal allergies.

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  94. I have year round allergies and sometimes I think I’m allergic to everything in the world, but the worst is mold.

  95. seasonal- me, my daughter, my husband

  96. We all have seasonal allergies

  97. i suffer frm ragweed allergies

  98. One of my family members is allergic to cats, and we all get seasonal allergies in Spring when pollen flies around.

  99. Hubby suffers the most- He says it is mostly my cats that he is allergic to! LOL I think it is really pollen and dust.

  100. I have seasonal allergies.

  101. son suffers from season and food allergies!

  102. My son from spring allergies!

  103. we all have seasonal allergies

  104. My 5 year old has the worst allergies

  105. No one

  106. The man of the house is allergic to dust, pollen, grass, cats and dogs. I didn’t think I was allergic to anything, but we have really high pollen here lately and I seem to be sneezing quite a bit.

  107. I am allergic to mold.

  108. That would be me! I am pretty much allergic to the world it seems…trees, grass, weeds, dust, dust mites, etc

  109. I have outdoor allergies – pollen.

  110. Both myself and my husband suffer from seasonal allergies! Boooo on seasonal allergies!!

  111. I’m allergic to fragrance.

  112. I suffer from seasonal allergies.

  113. I suffer from seasonal allergies like pollen.

  114. My husband and I both have seasonal allergies

  115. myself, pollen!

  116. I am the only one with allergies….ragweed, pollen

  117. Guilty 🙁

    I live in the northeast of the US and my allergies kick in during May/June and September. I’m not sure which trees/pollen causes it but that’s my story.

  118. This year we all have suffered from seasonal allergies.

  119. Me and my daughter suffer from pollen allergies.

  120. i suffer from plant allergies, especially summer and fall

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  122. This spring, i am suffering terrible with allergies, very itchy eyes. Last spring it was my oldest son.

  123. I suffer from grasses and pollen allergies

  124. I suffer from allergies to pollen, grass trees and foods.

  125. no allergies here

  126. My teen daughter has asthma and allergies to just about everything. Mostly cats, horses, pollen, grass.

  127. My boyfriend suffers from pollen allergies.

  128. In my family, we ALL suffer from spring season allergies….. NC is BAD for that!!! grrr…..

  129. I have allergies- mold, dust, pine trees, all kinds of fun things!

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  131. Son-in-law and grandchildren all have hay fever allergies.

  132. I am the one with terrible allergies to everything 🙁

  133. I suffer and it’s pretty much from everything!

  134. I am the allergy sufferer. I am allergic to pollen and trees.

  135. Myself and my oldest son have the allergies in the house. We also take a box of tissues wherever we go!

  136. My husband has the allergies! Pollen allergies.

  137. I suffer from pollen allergies.

  138. I have allergies for strong perfumey scents and pollen

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  139. Both my husband and I suffer from seasonal allergies, him worse than I.

  140. My boyfriend suffers from seasonal and cat allergies…which sucks since i have one…

  141. my hubby suffers from seasonal allegies

  142. My husband has allergies to dust & many different pollens. Two of our grandchildren are allergic to cats & pollen.

  143. I suffer from seasonal allergies

  144. my daughter …. is allergic to my cats. snioffles and itchy eyes, 🙁

  145. both hubby and I do, but mine is much worse. My sinuses go crazy over everything. Esp. Cigarette smoke, night air, and pollen

  146. I’m the allergy sufferer, with grass and weeds giving me the most problems

  147. I suffer from allergies in the spring and in the fall. It is some kind of pollen, just not sure exactly what it comes from.

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  149. I suffer from allergies (dust + seasonal).

  150. Everyone except Dad! Two of us have chemical allergies. My oldest daughter was tested and had positive results for all 40 things!!

  151. I suffer from pollen allergies.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  152. I suffer from seasonal allergies – nothing specific just during the springtime/fall time changing of the seasons

  153. We don’t have any allergies but I do have a toddler boy who is into everything, which makes for lots of cold viruses!

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  155. My husband suffers every single year.

  156. No one in my family has allergies but I do think I’m sensitive to dust.

  157. I suffer from seasonal allergies–mainly pollen and mold spores.

  158. my sis has pretty bad hayfever

  159. My husband suffers from seasonal allergies.

  160. My husband suffers from pollen allergies

  161. my husband has bad allergies to pets

  162. I am allergic to nothing!

    Thanks! Janna JOhnson Janna johnson on GFC

  163. I’m allergic to dust, cats, pollen, and I’m pretty sure oxygen.

  164. I suffer from seasonal allergies, allergic to pollen and dust.

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  166. I have seasonal allergies, they mostly bug me in the spring and fall!

  167. I mostly suffer from seasonal allergies. It’s not as bad in the fall/winter as it is in the spring.

  168. We get sinus infections all the time!

  169. my sisters are allergic to hay and pollen

  170. I have terrible year round allergies.

  171. My father in law suffers terribly this time of year, I feel so bad for him!

  172. We don’t have allergies generally, but when pollen outside is bad we sneeze and nasal congestion at times.

  173. I suffer from allergies and they’re bad in the fall. I’m allergic to the mold that collects on dead leaves.

  174. My husband, son and I have seasonal allergies and also cats.

  175. Myself and my daughter-seasonal allergies

  176. I suffer from seasonal, dust, cat, and dog allergies. And my poor daughter seems to have inherited them.

  177. My son suffers from spring allergies

  178. All of us in my family of four suffer from seasonal allergies. I’m allergic to dust mites.

  179. My son and I both suffer from seasonal allergies, I am also allergic to cats.

  180. Spring & early summer are so hard on my hubby & my daughter…they are both stuffed up all the time once the plants all start blooming!

  181. No one in the family suffers from allergies

  182. I suffer from pollen allergies

  183. Hubby and I have seasonal allergies.

  184. All of us ! Yuck ! Just seasonal / pollen allergies

  185. I have mold allergies. 🙁

  186. My dad suffer from seasonal allergies.

  187. My husband and I both have allergies to summer weeds and pollen.

  188. My husband and I both are allergic to summer weeds and pollen.

  189. I have allergies to molds.

  190. I have seasonal allergies (and I think they might be starting!)

  191. My husband suffers from pollen allergies in the spring and summer.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  192. I am allergic to cats

  193. I suffer from allergies to dust, pollen and most perfumes.

  194. I’m the one who suffers with allergies to numerous things. Was tested as a child and they said I was allergic to grass, trees, pollen, animal dander, dust mites etc… I go through tissues like crazy especially in the Spring & Fall when my allergies are at their worst.

  195. I’m the unlucky one..Allergies ruin my days sometimes.

  196. I suffer from seasonal allergies.

  197. I get allergies from pollen sometimes!

  198. I suffer from allergies from pollen

  199. My boyfriend has really bad allergies

  200. my youngest son suffers from most all inhaled allergys..smoke,pollen,cleaners,dust……and the list goes on

  201. My husband is a seasonal allergy sufferer.

  202. My oldest daughter is the worst.. specially with ragweed

  203. I suffer from seasonal allergies like pollen.

  204. No one in the family has serious allergies, but we all get mild seasonal reactions to pollen and ragweed.

  205. I suffer from allergies all the time.

  206. My oldest daughter is allergic to pollen. All spring she is a mess.

  207. there are three of us who suffer from allergies but my son has the worst pine and oak allergies

  208. My boyfriend has terrible seasonal allergies…mine are just allergies to medicine.

  209. My son suffers from allergies, I’m not sure if it’s anything specific, but I’ve found that the change of seasons will wreak havoc with him for about a week.

  210. I have seasonal allergies!

  211. My husband, sons, and I all suffer from seasonal allergies. Springtime pollen is the worse for me.

  212. It’s more like what I am not allergic to. lol Mold, pollen, and pet dander are a few.

  213. My mother suffers from allergies. Seasonal allergies such as trees, etc.

  214. The whole family suffers with allergies, once the cottonwoods start flying we are all miserable!

  215. i suffer year round allergies, outside allergens…

  216. My sister is allergic to pet dander

  217. Both of my girls have bad allergies. My youngest has them pretty bad and always has a runny nose. I guess they just have seasonal allergies but my youngest has them for about nine months out of the year. Thank you!

  218. Both my wife and I suffer from allergies.

  219. My husband and my self both suffer from allergys !

  220. My husband suffers from allergies. Not really sure what they are.

  221. I suffer from seasonal allergies…primarily pollen.

  222. I suffer from allergies

  223. I believe my husband suffers from almost any allergy possible, but most definitely from tree, grass, ragweed and mold.

  224. I suffer from allergies, they are horrible this year. half the time i can barely talk 🙁

  225. My son gets them a little bit. At first I thought it was a cold, but his eyes get puffy and itchy. He is just so miserable when his nose starts to run.

  226. My husband is allergic to dust, dander and pollen!

  227. my son suffers from asthma

  228. im allergic to alot

  229. My youngest son suffers from seasonal allergies. Thank you

  230. My husband is allergic to pet dander

  231. My husband and son have pollen allergies..I am allergic to hops and smoke

  232. I suffer from seasonal allergies

  233. Me! I think I’m allergic to the air sometimes!

  234. I’m allergic to cats, dust, and ragweed!

  235. I suffer from seasonal allergies from the pollen in the air mainly.

  236. My daughter and I suffer from pollen allergies and are suffering lately.

  237. I have seasonal allergies and need scotties

  238. I’m the one that suffers from them. With dogs, cats and every day outdoor allergies!

  239. My husband does to pollen

  240. we all have allergies and their bad

  241. Thanks for the giveaway…we are a family of seasonal allergy sufferers i.e. pet dander, various pollens, ragweed, etc., etc.,….etc. !!!

  242. I suffer from allergies, hayfever, mold and dogwood

  243. my daughter, sister, and I suffer from outdoor allergies.

  244. me my 7 and 9 year old suffer from seasonal allergies

  245. My husband suffers with allergies

  246. Me!! Outdoor seasonal allergies. Pollen, grass.

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