May 092013

Target clearance

After a bit of a Target clearance drought, our local South Florida Target stores seem to have bringing back some great clearance. I could easily have spent a lot more yesterday, if it wasn’t because I had set a limit for myself to begin with. I picked up three birthday gifts for my boys, a fishing rod, a bike helmet and a tennis racquet, all items that were on my boys’ wish lists, but which were way too expensive at normal price.

I have been looking at the bike helmet clearance for a month or so, but today I found the right one at the right price. The tennis racquet was a perfect buy, as we have added a little one to the family. My two youngests sons have been fighting over our kid tennis racquet, so adding another is a big bonus, and once our youngest son is too big for it, we can pass it on to our daughter.

Target clearance

I had a hard time deciding on what clearance clothing to use the $4/2 Target kids clothes coupon on, because for the first time there were plenty to choose between. I ended up buying my four-year-old two pair of new shorts, as the price just could not be beat at $0.45 each, and he was in need on a few new pairs. As the third boy in the family, he mostly wears hand-me-downs, and he only gets new clothing, when I find a great deal like this one.



Target Clearance Deals:

5 x Circo toddler girl socks on Target clearance at $0.37 each (Were $1.25 each)

1 pair of baby leggins on Target clearance at $1.18 (Was $3.99)

Circo boys shorts on Target clearance at $2.50 (Was $5) and Cherokee boy shorts on Target clearance at $2.40 (Was $8) = $4.90 – $4/2 Target kids clothes coupon NLA = $4 ($0.45 each)

Women’s flip flops $2.50 – $2 Target shoe coupon = $0.50

Kids tennis racquet on Target clearance at $3.26 (Was $12.99)

Fishing rod on Target clearance at $1.86 (Was $16.99)

Bell bike helment on Target clearance at $5.56 (Was $21.99)

2 x Market Pantry shredded cheese on clearance at $1.74 – = $3.48 – $1/2 Market Pantry cheese coupon = $2.48 ($2.24 each)

Minute Maid Tropical Punch on sale at $1


– $0.10 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.90

Total out of pocket $19.39

Total saved $70


You can always find my latest Target clearance finds here or under CLEARANCE or DEALS in the top navigation bar.

  5 Responses to “Target Clearance on Bike Helmets & More – Saved $70!”

  1. Great deals! Carl and I bought Elliott 4 long sleeve hooded shirts last week when we were on a date (it’s kind of funny how that works, if we do any shopping without Elliott, we ALWAYS buy him something). They were less than $4 each, and he was certainly excited when he saw them the next day!

    • Elliott is a lucky boy Carla. I still don’t know how you and your husband can shop together, it would never work with mine:) He does not have any shopping patience, and he would spend way too much money because of it.

  2. You always find such great deals! I was able to get two vest for my son for $1 each after clearance and using the $4/2 clothing items coupon. I plan on going back because I had only taken that one coupon with me!

    • Erin, what a great deal on the vests. My Target stores only take one like Target coupon per person, so I had to choose wisely. I have one coupon left, and I sure hope to find another great deal like the one here.

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