May 012013

I have been at Target several times with the great new Target clothes coupons and the Target shoe coupons, but until today I had any luck with me. Today, I did find what I was looking for though, and the Target coupons made the Target clearance deals even better.

When I shop for my four kids, I shop 1 – 2 sizes bigger than what they use, and for the baby I shop up to size 4, since she does not have any hand me downs like her older brothers do. Today I was able to find some great deals on shoes for her, because I am a realist, and I am sure that 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of sandals will not be enough for a little princess. I carry a notebook with me, where I keep track of all the sizes of shoes that we have at home in our shoe box, and of the sizes that we need. This way I can always pick up a great deal on shoes, if I find one….and I will never have to pay full price for shoes.

I also picked up some Target groceries, since the price was lower than at ALDI after coupons and sales.

Target coupons and clearance deals



Target clearance and Target coupon deals:

2 pair of Circo leggings on clearance at $2.50 = $5 – $4/2 Target kids clothes coupon= $1 ($0.50 each) (Regular price $5 each)

2 pair of Cherokee toddler girl shoes on clearance at $7.48 (Were $14.99) and Circo toddler shoes on clearance at $6.98 (Were $9.99) = $21.94 – $5/$20 Target kids shoe coupon = $16.94 ($5.66 each)

Flip flops $2.50 – $2 Target shoe coupon = $0.50

2 x Market Pantry fruit snacks on sale at $1.69 each = $3.38 – $1/2 Market Pantry fruit snack coupon = $2.38 ($1.19 each)

2 x Market Pantry lunch meats onale at $2.33 – $4.66 – $1/2 Market Pantry lunch meat coupon = $3.66 ($1.83 each)

2 x Market Pantry shredded cheese on clearance at $1.74 – = $3.48 – $1/2 Market Pantry cheese coupon = $2.48 ($1.24 each)


– $0.10 in Target reusable bag discounts

Tax $1.25

Total $26.71

– $25 Target gift card from blogging promotion (look for a great giveaway coming up soon)

Total out of pocket $1.71

Total saved before gift card $43.49

Total saved after gift card $68.49


Do you shop sizes ahead for your kids?

  4 Responses to “Target Coupon Deals: $0.50 Kids Clothes & $5.66 Shoes”

  1. You always find such great kids clothes at Target! I gues I don’t get to the store fast enough to find them at our location.

    • Erin, if you are looking for kids clothes clearance or baby clearance, it is best to get to Target early in the week. Most (not all) Target store clearances baby and kids clothing on Mondays or Tuesdays.

  2. I can’t believe the deals you get. You’re the best shopper ever and can find the deals. Love reading about these great finds.

  3. I always shop a size or two larger.

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