May 162013

Target kids shoe clearance

I was hoping to find a great deal on kids clothes at Target today…which I did, but I also found a great deal on girls shoe clearance.  I know, I know…my baby girl is only a few years old. I have; however, been through this clothing/shoe thing with three kids already, and I know how fast they grow. So…I bought my baby girl 5 pair of shoes in different sizes and colors.

Target kids clothes clearance

 Target Clearance Deals:

5 pair of Cherokee girls shoes on Target clearance at $4.48 = $22.40 – ($5/$20 Target kids shoe coupon) = $17.40 ($3.48 each)(Were $14.99 each)

2 pair of Circo boys shors on Target clearance at $2.40 each = $4.80 – ($4/2 Target kids clothes coupon) = $0.80 ($0.40 each) (Were $8 each)

1 Circo Baby Girl dress with diaper cover on Target clearance at ($2.10 was $7)

– 0.10 Target Reusable bag discount

Tax $1.22

Total out of pocket $21.42

Total saved $74.43


Do you buy clothes and shoes ahead of time, when you find a great deal?

  One Response to “Target Girls Shoe Clearance – Only $3.48 Each!”

  1. You are amazing and I cannot believe all the super deals you get. Darn! I want to get this good, seems I can never find a great deal

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