May 082013

walmart price matching

I started out the day at Walmart, where I did a few price matching deals. I was hoping to get more fresh produce, but the truck had not come in, and the store was out of a lot of produce. I usually buy baking powder and cocoa powder at ALDI, but they have not had any in quite a while, so I knew that Walmart had the second best prices on these products.


Walmart Price Match Deals:

2 x green oinions for $0.79 (Price match with Penn Dutch)

Iceberg lettuce $0.89 (Price Match with Sedanos)

Green Limes 8 for $0.99 (Price Match with Doris)

Purex Laundry Detergent with Crystals $5.50 – FREE Purex coupon from blog promo = FREE

Purex Laundry Detergent with Tropical scent $5.50- FREE Purex coupon from blog promo = FREE

Baking Mix $2.42

Baking Power $1.24

Haribo gummy bears at $1.08 – $0.30 Haribo coupon = $0.78

Haribo gummy bears at $1.08 – $0.30 Haribo coupon = $0.78


Tax $0.79

Total out of pocket 8.68

Total saved $15.75

  2 Responses to “Walmart Price Matching On Groceries”

  1. Love those Haribo…the peach rings are awesome…I have to get some of the gummies for my grandson

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