Jun 192013

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This morning we made a quick stop at our local ALDI store, because with the kids home from school, we run out of everything a lot quicker. I also had to pick up water, as our town has been under a water boil order. I am so thankful that we have an ALDI’s in our area (although I surely hope one will be built in our tow soon), as it enables me to buy much more fresh foods than I used to. With a family of six, getting the lowest prices on basics such as milk, eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables is essential, and we to go ALDI for everything that I do not have coupons for. Thanks to ALDI I can include 20 lbs of produce in our grocery card, without even having to worry about the cost.


ALDI Groceries:

Seedless watermelon $4.48

Broccoli crowns $1.55

2 lbs of mini sweet peppers $1.99

Cucumber $0.55

Iceberg Lettuce $1.29

8 plums @ $0.29 each

2 lbs of grapes $1.98

2 x strawberries @ $1.29

Blueberries $1.49

5.3 lbs bananas $2.34

2 x 3 gallon of purified water $2.29

Rye bread $1.79

Milk chocolate $1.49

Cookies $1.39

Marshmallows $0.89

Colby Jack Cheese $1.79

Spreadable Cheese Wedges $1.29

1 gallon skim milk $2.89

2 x dozen eggs @ $1.49

1.31 lbs of Fresh Chicken Tenders $3.52

3.21 lbs of Fresh Chicken Wings $7.03 – $4 ALDI Meat coupon on product $3.03

Total out of pocket $47.85

Total saved $26 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)


Only thanks to ALDI am I able to include more than 20 lbs of fruits and veggies in our family’s weekly grocery budget and still come in under our grocery budget of $75.


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  1. Fresh foods are so important. We are loving our local farmer’s market–prices are great direct from the small local farmers–and you can’t get any fresher! Hope you get an Aldi closer soon.

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