Jun 072013

ALDI party foods

This week we had a party for friends, family and neighbors, and we went to ALDI to save on the summer party foods. I had a very carefully planned menu and shopping list, and I managed to stick to my $100 party budget.



ALDI Party Foods Shopping List:

1 x 24 Water @ $2.29

1 x Juice pouches $1.89

2 x Sundae Shoppe Cones @ $1.99 each

Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Cones $2.49

3 x ALDI 12 pk sodas @ $2.29 each

2 x Paper Plates 45 ct @ $1.49 each

1 x Plastic Cups 50 ct $2.29

1 x 250 ct napkins $1.29

2 x 16″ pizzas @ $5.99 each

1 x 16″ pizzas @ $4.99

2 x Potato chips @ $1.49

1 x Cheese Puffs @ $0.99

2 x Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownie Mix $1.29

Loven Cherry Pie ust Apple Pie $4.99

Cheesecake sampler $9.99

Feta cheese $1.99

2 x Chocolate Wafers Rolls @ $1.89 each

2 x Chocolate Butter Cookies @ $1.49 each

2 x Choceur Chocolate Bars @ $1.49 each

2 x Cream Filled Chocolate @ $1.99

2 x Fresh Strawberries @ $1.69 each

2 lbs Grapes @ $3.49

2 x Honey Dew $1.79

Pineapple $1.49

Watermelon $4.79

Cucumber $0.50

Mini sweet peppers $2.59

Tax $1.64

Total $100.44

– $100 ALDI gift certificates from blog promotion

Total out of pocket $0.44

Total saved compared at our regular grocery stores $25


I also spent $18 on our weekly groceries

I saved $10 on our regular groceries


Disclaimer: ALDI provided the Frugality Is Free family with gift certificate to host a summer party

  9 Responses to “ALDI Summer Party Foods – A $100 Budget”

  1. Nice trip and I love the picture of the groceries in the cart. I’m gonna have to try that sometime!

  2. […] a $100 party budget, I took my dad, the baby and my youngest son shopping at ALDI for summer party food, and we were in an out in about 30 minutes. ALDI has a simple store set up, which makes getting in […]

  3. wow you did a good job at Aldi’s buying for the party. Aldi’s has a lot of bargains but I havent been there for awhile – no car. But you can most of what you need right there and save money at the same time

  4. Wish we had Aldi’s in southern California. Do they have affiliates? Love the $1.99 feta cheese!

  5. We don’t have an Aldi’s in my town, but it looks like you had a cart full of some fun and really tasty party supplies.

  6. Great job!Aldis has awesome prices

  7. Aldi has such good prices and great quality too. their produce is always fresh. We have one but its a little out of the way.

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