Jun 142013

Aldi freezer bags

When I looked into my fridge Wednesday morning, it showed clear signs of summer vacation. It seems like all three of my boys are going through growth spurts, because they eat everything in sight. Of course my job as a mom of four is to keep the fridge and pantry stocked without breaking the budget, so I am very thankful to have ALDI’s affordable prices on the basics.


Somehow I managed to bring all four kids along to ALDI with no problems, and the kids even agreed on which snack they wanted to choose.

The highlight of the ALDI trip was the great ALDI thermal totes that I spotted. The previous ALDI thermal bags just did not hold up well, so I ended up going to ALDI with a Walmart thermal bag. The new ALDI thermal totes seem to have been made by the same manufacturer as the Walmart thermal totes, and I have much better expectations for these, so I picked up two.


ALdi produce


Our ALDI Groceries:

2 x ALDI Thermal Totes @ $1.99 each

300 ct paper plates $4.69

2 x Fudge Brownie Mix @ $1.29

Chocolate Pudding Cups $0.89

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Chicken Drumsticks $3.76

Spreadable cheese wedges $1.29

1 gallon ALDI milk $2.89

4 Plantains @ $0.25 each

Strawberries $0.99

Cucumber $0.55

Broccoli crowns $1.59

Iceberg Lettuce $1.29

Zucchini $1.19

5 lbs baking potatoes $1.29

2 lbs Red Onions $2.29

4 lbs Valencia Florida Oranges $2.29

Seedless Watermelon $4.19

2 lbs Red Grapes $2.98


Tax $0.61

Total out of pocket $40.93

Total saved $14 (compared to the lowest prices at our other grocery stores)

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  1. I thought I remembered you doing the free breakfast program lay summer. Are they not offering it in your area this year, or did it just not work for you guys? And do you normally pack their lunches, or do they buy lunch. I pack my daughter’s because your county buys the worst quality food. The hot dogs are white! Ick! I still am noticing that it seems like she’s been eating more this week being at home and im havi g to make rxtra purchases… Hmmm…

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