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Boba Baby Carrier

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Boba Baby Carrier

I have always been a fan of baby wearing and keeping baby close, and with all three of my boys I have used a very simple baby carrier. It was time to retire the old baby carrier though, and so I started my search for a new baby carrier. I soon realized that the baby carrier market had exploded, since I had my first son ten years ago. I checked out baby carriers in many different colors, patterns, styles and with many different functions, but when I discovered the Boba baby carrier, I knew that I had found the perfect baby carrier for my baby girl and me.

This time around I was eager to find a baby carrier that could be used for a longer time, one that was fashionable and which would allow me to carry baby close while getting things done. The Boba baby carrier called my name, and I chose the beautiful award-winning Boba Carrier 3G in the SOHO design.

My experience with the Boba Carrier 3G started out with hesitancy, as I was a bit overwhelmed when the Boba Carrier first arrived. After watching a video on the Boba Family website, I felt more comfortable with the task ahead of me. I carefully followed the instructions from the video as well as the instructions in the booklet, and slowly but steadily I successfully transformed my Boba Carrier from a regular baby carrier into an infant baby carrier.

For the first 2 months, I used the Boba Carrier as an infant carrier, where Bellamy Blue was snuggled inside as close as possible. As she grew older and increased in weight, I have now been able to change the infant carrier into a baby carrier, where she has her feet outside of the carrier.

Bellamy Blue has used the Boba baby carrier a lot over the past couple of months, and it has saved me on many occasions at home. My little girl spent the first two months in my arms or closely snuggled to me at all times, and it made her feel safe and comforted. We have had several relatives come to stay with us since her birth, and they have all been amazed by how calm and quite this little girl is. Don’t get me wrong, she can let me know, if she wants or need something. She just starts in a conversational mode, turns up the volume a bit, and then if I do not react, she will start screaming. Still, I strongly believe that keeping my baby so close during the first two months have helped tremendously with calming down the baby and making me more aware of her signals.

Here my son and I are wrapping, while the baby is in the Boba carrier. We managed to wrap about 30 gifts for birthdays and Christmas, and we did so with no problems, since the Boba carrier enabled me to have my hands free. As you can see, the baby is snuggled closely in the Boba Carrier, I was able to cut through wrapping paper and such, all while she was sleeping comfortable with her airways clear.

Boba baby carrier


One of my favorite parts of the Boba infant carrier is that you can adjust the back, so that it fits perfectly and thereby supports the baby’s neck in a gentle way. Below you can see the snap buttons, which makes it easy to change the level of neck support as baby grows.

Boba carrier headrest


Another one of my favorite features of the Boba Baby Carrier is that it has a removable sun cover, which stores away neatly in the Boba carrier. I actually discovered the sun cover, on a rainy day, when the kids and I were surprised by a shower on the way home from the playground. I simply pulled out the cover, and the baby was safely shielded by the elements temper while we walked home.


Boba sun cover

I could go on and on about the awesome features of the Boba baby carrier, but one feature that must be highlighted is the tiny pocket at the bottom of the carrier, which can keep my keys or some money. I did not even know that I needed this feature, but it has proved itself quite valuable, whenever I take the kids to a nearby playground, run out to get the paper etc. The fact that it eliminates the need for a purse is just priceless, and I also love that it makes my keys within reach.


As a mom of four, I am constantly on the go, and the kids and I walk to the stores, parks, playgrounds, the YMCA and such in our area. This means that we often have a packed stroller, which is why I am thrilled that the Boba carrier takes up very little place under the stroller. It can even fit in the storage compartment under our tiny umbrella stroller, if we have to use public transportation.


Why We Love The Boba Baby Carrier:

The Boba Carrier 3G is just what I was looking for, because it  is great for infants, older babies and toddlers. We used it from Bellamy Blue was just a few weeks old, and it is growing with her.

Buy It

You can buy the beautiful Boba baby carrier at the Boba website



Baby Guide

The Boba Carrier 3G and the Boba Family are a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because these beautiful, comfortable and extremely and practical baby carriers makes motherhood easier. There are patterns for every desire, and Bellamy Blue sure loves her SOHO Boba baby carrier



Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Boba baby carrier sample for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the baby carrier from Boba Family.

  16 Responses to “Beautiful Soho Boba Baby Carrier Review”

  1. Ooh, that’s a really nice carrier! I like the built in sun cover (although it seems like it would get hot being black!), and the pretty red patterned fabric!

  2. I never had one of these when my kids were little and why…I don’t know but how it would have saved me. My niece would most likely love this with her daughter who is a bit on the chunky side and I know she must get so heavy to carry around and try to do things. This looks great.

  3. This really looks sturdy–built to last. Looks comfortable for the little one and for you. Nice to cuddle and have free hands to work.

  4. THis baby carrier has many special features. I like the way that it supports baby’s neck. The sun/rain cover is great too!

  5. I like that this doesnt squish the babies legs or arms . It seems the way the legs hang is alot more comfortable to them and helps distribute the weigh better. The Sun cover tho I think may make it to hot for the child if their in the sun.

  6. This looks like a really nice product. It actually looks comfortable, too! Like the sunshade, although wish it was a different color than black.

  7. It is a very nice carrier. Yes, the pocket is ideal to carry small items. And who could not appreciate the sun cover. So important to keep the hot sun off your little one.

  8. This is the first I’ve heard of the Boba Carrier. We use the Ergo (because it’s the one I knew about) – which looks somewhat similar. But the first thing I see different about the Boba is the fun pattern! How cool! I agree that a pocket on a baby carrier is a must! Seems so silly to rave about one but it makes quick trips so much easier when you aren’t lugging around a giant diaper bag.

  9. I just had a ‘locked out of the house’ fiasco which makes the key pocket an important spare key location not nearly as predictable as under the mat. Lost the keys somewhere in a grocery store and what I needed was the housekey to get access to backup car key. What amazed me was the unbelievable number of lost key bins that Customer Service pulled out from under the counter for me to go thru. Problem is someone found the key and I suspect carried it with them to the check out and then the cashier eventually turned it in when she turned her drawer in. I got a ride home and gave it 2 days and sure enough, my keys were on top of the second bin of lost keys. Thanks for the review – the way the carrier shifts and can be adjusted to grow with the child is great.

  10. I like the sun shield on this product. Looks very well made. Wish we had this when our kids were small.

  11. It looks like a really nice carrier, although it seems like it would get really hot when you use the sun shield. I don’t have babies anymore, but it would have been nice to have when I did. Thanks for the info.

  12. Wrapping presents while carrying a baby is impressive! I do wish I could have had one of these when my children were first born.

  13. i love that not only is it functional, it is also stylish. The pattern is very attractive. Something I’d be proud to wear out and about!

  14. I like the functional and adjustable design of this carrier. Even the pattern is nice. I, too, have older children and remember when the market for these was very limited. The carriers back then were also very age limited. This is a product anyone who has or even watches children and/or toddlers can appreciate and use.

  15. That is a really nice carrier.I agree with the comment about the top being hot because it is black but still very unique 🙂

  16. I like this because it leaves your hand free. The built in sun cover would be nice on a hot day.

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