Jun 092013

It has been a very busy week here in South Florida, and I definitely neglected my blog giveaway experiment. I did win one giveaway though, a Disney DVD, which will be a great gift for my three-year-old son, who has a birthday coming up.


Baby Guide

Make sure to enter all of the great giveaways here at Frugality Is Free!


My favorite giveaways:

Vtech Innotab Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/17

Wee Décor Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/11

Crib Wrap Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/15

Smart Silk Pillow Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/20

Wild Butterfly Boutique Giveaway at Momma In Flip Flops – 6/16

Learning Resources Sight Words Giveaway at Momma In Flip Flops – 6/27

Loving Moments Nursing Bra Giveaway at Momma In Flip Flops – 6/20

Vtech Innotab Giveaway at Mommy Mandy 6/21

Carters Giveaway at Mommy Mandy 6/12

Vtech Innotab Giveaway at My Silly Monkeys 6/20

Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Giveaway at My Silly Monkeys 6/13

Quinny Yezz Giveaway  at My Silly Monkeys 6/10


What was the last giveaway you won?



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  1. Thank you for linking to Momma in Flip Flops. 🙂

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