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Summer vacation has arrived in most of the country, and here in South Florida we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. In my attempt to keep the boys active and away from the television as much as possible, I have been looking for the best new toys on the market. Toy State has rolled out several fantastic collections of vehicles for kids of all ages, and these powerful cars sure keep my boys entertained in the summer heat whether they are indoors or outside.


The CAT Pre School Construction Toy Collection:

My youngest son is turning 4 next month, and on his wish list he had some big machines. The CAT Pre School toy collection with toys such as the Caterpillar Big Movin’ Rumbler Bull Dozer is just what I had been looking for, and it surely seems to bring out excitement from the boys.

The CAT Pre School construction toys from Toy State have been built to last, and our CAT Big Movin’ Rumbler Bull Dozer has already taken a few tumbles and made a couple of crashes without showing any signs of wear. The CAT Pre School collection is recommended for kids ages 18 months and up, and the buttons and features are simple enough that young toddlers can work them, while these are loud and special enough that the older kids will enjoy them too.

Not only do the CAT Big Movin’ Rumbler come with music, but it also plays both construction sounds and phrases that will make any kid listen attentively.

CAT Big Movin Rumbler


There is just something so thrilling for little boys about gathering big piles of leaves, sticks and junk together, and if a toy can move through the pile it is a winner around here.


CAT Big Movin Rumbler


The boys love moving things with the Caterpillar Big Movin Rumbler, just take a look at the video below to see  how fast it is at moving leaves.



Road Ripper Hatchbacks

Another toy on my three-year-old son’s wish list is the Road Ripper Hatchback, which he has a hard time leaving alone at the toy section in the store. The Road Ripper Hatchbacks are full-force vehicles with extreme lights, sounds and actions.

Road Ripper Hatchbacks

The Road Ripper Hatchbacks come in licensed Ford Fiesta and Mini Countryman WRC styles, and they retail for around $9.99 each. The Hatchbacks are recommended for kids ages 3 and up.


Check out this Mini Countryman WRC Road Ripper Hatchback, which won the boys over immediately. Anything that plays music or makes noise is sure to catch their attention, and my seven-year-old son surely loved the hatchback music feature of the Road Ripper Hatchback.

Check out the video below, where my seven-year-old son demonstrates a few of the Road Ripper Hatchback features.


007 Bond Vehicles

Finally, Toy State also has toys for the bigger boys, as Toy Sate has teamed up with the James Bond movie franchise in connection with the 50th James Bond anniversary. The result is the new 007 Skyfall Aston Martin, which is a hit with my two oldest boys as well as my three-year-old son. This beautiful, 007 Aston Martin is motorized and it comes with both lights and sound. This Aston Martin looks like it has jumped right out of the latest James Bond movie, and it surely brings excitement at our house full of boys.


007 Skyfall Aston Martin DB5


The new James Bond 007 models from Toy Sate includes the Aston Martin DBS (Quantum of Solace), Aston Martin DB5 (Casino Royal), Lotus Esprit (The Spy Who Loved Me) and the Aston Martin DB5 from Skyfall. These impressive 007 vehicles are recommended for children ages 6 and up, and my 10-year-old sure agrees that it is an exciting vehicle even for tweens.

Even I can appreciate the James Bond tunes that come with the Aston Martin DB5, and it sure is impressive as it rolls down the street playing these catchy tunes while looking glamorous.




ToyState logo

Buy It

You can buy the CAT Pre School toys such as the Toystate Caterpillar Construction Big Movin’ Rumbler Bull Dozer
at Amazon, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target.

You can read more about the latest toys from Toy State here, and you can buy the latest Toy State Toys here.

 Follow Toy State on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to keep up to date on the latest updates, products and promotions.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary CAT toy samples for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the CAT toys featured above from Toystate.

  4 Responses to “Hot New Toy State Toys: Road Ripper Hatchbacks, 007 Aston Martin & Caterpillar Toy Reviews”

  1. Some great toys for boys. My grandson is into the CAT products, his mom use to work for a company that was associated with CAT and they did a lot of work for them so he would love the bulldozer.

  2. These look great–sturdy and large. Perfect timing for your soon to be four year old.

  3. My grandson loves CAT toys the whole kit and kaboodle of construction toys. I will definately have to check out Toy State toys for sure. thanks for the info on them

  4. Love the Caterpillar Rumbler! I don’t remember my son (all grown up now) having many cars and trucks to play with, but he would have loved this. They look very sturdy and well-built, designed to last.

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