Jun 152013

This is why I love ThredUp!

Free kids clothes


Yesterday, I received 11 dresses including 1 new with tags, 2 rompers, 4 bloomers and a jacket for $2.11 shipped!

Everything was in impeccable condition, and the clothing was from my favorite brands such as Gymboree, Tommy Hilfiger, Carters, Oshkosh B’Gosh, The Children’s Place, The Gap & Old Navy.

I am sometimes able to find brand name dresses for as low as $0.50 at my local thrift store, but it sure doesn’t beat opening up a ThredUp box full of beautiful dresses in excellent condition for about $0.15 a piece.


Sign up for a FREE ThredUp account here. When you do, you get $10 to shop for (no minimum order needed), and I get $10 to shop for too. It’s a win win deal.


What will you get at ThredUp for your free $10 ThredUp sign up bonus?

  7 Responses to “Beautiful ThredUp Dresses For $0.15 Each (Tommy Hilfiger,Gymboree, The Gap & More)”

  1. That’s awesome! Lots of clothes!

  2. These are all so cute–I love the little blue/white striped one. I haven’t bought from them yet–as my girls are grown–but I just may look into the $10 credit for my friend expecting triplets.

  3. What a deal and they are all so cute but I LOVE that green one. SO cute! Need to go to that place online myself and share with my kids.

  4. Thanks I got my self a pair os tennis shoes for 49 cents after my 10.00 discount!

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