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Thredup free shipping

About a month or two ago I won a ThredUp giveaway on a blog, and ever since I have been waiting patiently for a free shipping sale. Well, it’s here! From now on and until Saturday, you can get free shipping on all ThredUp sale orders of $20+ with the free shipping code: SHIPSALE

Sign up here to get $10 ThredUp dollars to shop for!

ThredUp dresses

I had actually been disappointed to see that the ThredUp prices had gone up to $3.99 and up, so I was thrilled to finally see prices as low as $2.49 again.

After a day of shopping at the mall without finding any great deals on dresses and outfits for my baby girl, I was thrilled to find beautiful dresses at ThredUp for $2.49 and up.


Check out my ThredUp deals:

(You can see some of the items in the image above)

Baby Gap Tank Top/Sleeveless Top $2.49
Disney Light Jackets/Coats $3.49
Gymboree One Piece Outfit $2.49
Gymboree Romper 2/3 $3.49
OshKosh B’gosh Dress 18 Mo $3.49
The Children’s Place Dress $3.49
Tommy Hilfiger Dress with bloomers 18-24 Mo $2.99
Carter’s Dress 12 Mo $2.99
First Impressions Dress 18 Mo $2.99
Carter’s Dress 24 Mo $2.99
Carter’s Dress/w Bloomers $2.99
Old Navy Dress $2.99
First Impressions Dress With Bloomers $2.99
Copper Key Dress $2.49

– $40.25 ThredUp credit from giveaway + used clothes credit
Shipping Total $0.00
Order Total $2.11


What Is ThredUp?

ThredUp is an online consignment store which sells and buys used children’s clothes in great condition (They now have a women’s store as well), and ThredUp makes it easy to earn money from your used children’s clothing. I am currently putting together my second bag of clothing for ThredUp, as my youngest son is growing faster than ever.

I have shopped at ThredUp several times during the past year, and I have not been disappointed one single time. The clothing is in impeccable condition, and the one time, when an item was not up to ThredUp standard, I received the clothing plus my money back….no need to complain, it was done automatically.

In my opinion dresses, jackets and jeans are the best value at ThredUp, as I can usually find separates cheaper on clearance in store.



How To Get The Best Deal at ThredUp

  1. Sign up here to get $10 ThredUp dollars to shop for
  2. Go to the Boys Sale or Girls Sale banner
  3. Choose the sizes and items you are looking for
  4. Select Prices Low to High to find the best bargains (I do not go over $3.99 for any items)
  5. Select everything that catches your eye and hit BUY (This reserves the item)
  6. Once you are done “window” shopping, go to your cart and start sorting (once it is in the cart, the item is reserved for you)
  7. If you buy 7 items at $2.49 and 1 item at $2.99, you will spend $20.42 – your $10 ThredUp sign up credit = $10.42
  8. Get free shipping on orders of $20+, when you use the coupon code SHIPSALE
  9. Pay with paypal, credit card or ThredUp credit
  10. Receive your items within a week or so
  11. If you like your ThredUp clothing, tell your friends and get $10 for everone who signs up (They get $10 to shop for too)


I love getting ThredUp boxes in the door, and I have shopped at ThredUp about six times during the past year. Every single time has been a success, and I have bought more than 50 beautiful dresses for my baby girl as well as name brand clothing for my oldest son . Bellamy Blue is only three months old, so she cannot fit into the dresses yet, but they are safely stored away for the right time.

I might have gone overboard a bit, but after three boys, I cannot get enough of beautiful girls dresses. We might not have a lot of money in the Frugality Is Free family, but Bellamy Blue will always be dressed in style thanks to ThredUp.

If you sign up through any of the links in this post, you will get $10 to shop for at ThredUp, and I will get $10 to shop for my four kids as well. It is a win win deal, and if you like what you get at ThredUp, make sure to tell your friends, so that they (and you) can get $10 to shop for as well.

  4 Responses to “Hot ThredUp Sale + FREE Shipping (I Got 13 Dresses + 1 Jacket For $2.11)”

  1. Wow, look at you…what a deal you got again. And great quality clothing as well

    • Thank you Sandy, I cannot wait for my next ThredUp box to arrive. I try to go for brands that can be reselled at a decent price as well, which makes it an even better deal.

  2. I had seen this sale advertised some place else and I KNEW you’d be sharing what great deals you got with it!!! Love to watch your deals–and I can just imagine your little girl all dolled up!

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