Jun 082013

Free clothes at Kohls

After spending the morning at the YMCA with all four kids, we walked to a nearby Kohl’s to do some coupon shopping. We had $30 in Kohl’s gift cards from various online earnings sites, and we also had a Kohl’s 15 Percent Off coupon. I was thrilled to find both cheap toddler girl shoes as well as the cutest baby doll dresses.


Take a look at our Kohl’s 15 Percent Off bargains:

Boys Shark Flip Flops at 50 percent off $3.99 (Was $8)

4 x Jumping Beans Baby Girl Baby Doll Dresses at $3.60 each (Were $12 each)

Carter’s Baby Girl Outfit at $4.80 (Was $24)

Toddler Girl Jumping Beans Sandals at $5.99 (Were $29.99)

Toddler Girl Jumping Beans Shoes at $2.99 (Were $29.99)


– $4.83 Kohl’s 15 Percent Off coupon

Tax $1.64

Total $28.98

– $28.98 in Kohl’s gift cards earned from earning money online

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved $139.98


I love earning gift cards online, so that I do no have to pay much out of pocket, whenever I shop for shoes and clothes for the kids. What’s your favorite gift card to earn online?

  2 Responses to “Kohl’s 15 Percent Off Coupon Deals – OOP $0 – Saved $139!”

  1. I am telling you…I am stunned every time I read what all you get and so much for free. You’re amazing!

  2. Those are amazing prices on clearance even without the 15% and gift cards. And so cute!

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