Jun 202013


After spending the morning exercising and playing with the kids in the pool, we made a quick stop at Publix on our way home. The temperatures here in South Florida have climbed their way up the scale for the past couple of days, and the only places to hang out is indoors in an air conditioned area or by the pool or beach. The heat is definitely on here in S. FL…in more than one way.

I did not do a whole lot of planning for this shopping trip, and I added many items along the way, so it was a bit of an unusual shopping trip for me. Since the heat is on tonight, we decided to just have ice cream for dinner. Strangely, there were no protests:)



My Publix Deals:

10 x corn on the cob $3 ($0.30 each)

12 x Publix yogurt on sale at 20 for $5 = $3 ($0.25 each)

1 gallon Publix lemonade $2.99

1 gallon Publix orange juice $3.00

London Broil on sale at $5.83 – $2 Winn Dixie Meat coupon from baby club mailer = $3.83

2 x Capri Sun 10 packs on sale at $2 each = $4 – $1/2 Capri Sun coupon = $3 ($1.50 each)

3 x Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Next on B2G1 sale at 3 for $3.98 – FREE Pepsi Next coupon NLA = $1.99 ($0.66 each)

Silk Almond Vanilla Milk on sale at $2.50 – $1 Silk coupon and $1 Silk Target coupon = $0.50

4 x Sunlight Dish Detergents on sale at $0.69 each = $2.76 – (4 x Sunlight dish detergent coupons) = FREE ($1.24 overage)

2 x Breyers Lactose Free ice creams on BOGO sale at 2 for $4.99 – ($1.50/2 Breyers Target coupon) = $3.49 ($1.75 each)

Natures Own Whole Wheat Bread $3.15 – FREE Natures Own coupon won in blog giveaway = FREE

Bengay at $4.49 – $2 Bengay coupon and $1 Bengay Publix coupon from Heath Booklet (found at the pharmacy) = $1.49

2 x Publix sliced cheese on sale at 2 for $5 – $1/2 Target Cheese coupon = $4 ($2 each)

10 x Kraft Barbecue Sauce on BOGO sale at 2 for $1.85 = $9.25 – (5 x $1/2 Kraft Barbecue Sauce coupons) = $4.25 ($0.43 each

2 x Arnold Burger Buns & Arnold Hot Dog Buns on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.59 – ($0.50 Arnold Target coupon) = $3.09 ($1.54 each)

Tax $1.01

Total out of pocket $38.39

Total saved $60.47


What’s your favorite untraditional dinner?



  7 Responses to “Great Publix BOGO Deals w/ Kraft Barbecue Sauce Coupon & More – Saved $60!”

  1. I LOVE that you had ice cream for dinner…how fun! Great job with the deals too 🙂

  2. I had to smile at the Bengay. With all your workouts lately you probably need it :-). Love ice cream for supper now and again.

  3. Don’t ya love the bbq and dish soap deals!? Love the ice cream for dinner… I don’t think I would get any protests in this house either!

  4. hey, I have seen a few people say they stacked target coupons. Im not sure what that means. then I saw you used a

    $1.00 off coupon for the silk milk and a .50 coupon from target on the same item. is that what stacking means? I just want to save the most I can so thought I would ask someone. I didn’t know you could use 2 coupons on the same item. thank you

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