Jun 122013

kids clearance clothing


This morning the kids and I went shopping, and we started out at Target, as they were open at 8 a.m. We ended up buying two shirts for each of the boys and a skirt for the baby. Each piece was only $2.40 on Target clearance, and since it is rare to find such great prizes on shirts in all of my boys’ sizes, I made sure to pick them up.

Dressing the boys in the same colors helps out big time, whenever we go places. It is so much easier to keep track of all of them on the playground, the mall etc., when I just have to look for the one color shirt. Another bonus of dressing the boys’ in similar colors is that it makes it easier to take nice photos of them, whenever I am able to get them all to smile at the same time.

I spotted lots of great clearance at Target, such as bedding, towels, furniture, garden items and more…even the toys has started getting on clearance again. Everything was still at 30 percent off though, so I will be waiting for the 70 percent off countdown.


Target Clearance Finds:

6 x Circo boys t shirts on Target clearance at $2.40 each (Were $8 each)

Circo toddler girls’ skort on Target clearance at $2.40 (Was $8)


Tax $0.90

Total out of pocket $17.70

Total saved $38.30


Do you ever dress the kids alike or in similar clothing?


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