Jun 052013

Have you ever missed a prize, because you did not know it had become available on one of your online earning sites? I know I have! Or perhaps you have waited, and waited and waited for a price to drop or for a website to post a linky, if so then check out TrackIF.

With TrackIF you can now monitor all of your favorite websites using a single alerting platform, which makes it easier to track updates, while saving you time and frustrations.  so you don’t have to setup and manage accounts with dozens of sites. TrackIF is a FREE alerting platform, which will keep you in the know the minute you need to be.

Say you’ve been waiting for your favorite new gadget to drop below a certain price point to purchase it, or you just want to know when a favorite product goes on sale before you buy.

Simply register with TrackIF, download the TrackIF plugin, and you can start receiving TrackIF alerts on any site on the web.

TrackIF will monitor the websites, pages and searches, and it will then alert you when or if they meet your TrackIF criteria – which will save you from having to return to a website or store ever few minutes to avoid missing out on a great deal, prize or linky.

Sign up for TrackIF websites tracking here.




Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and it contains a Frugality Is Free referral link.

  2 Responses to “TrackIF – FREE Websites Tracking (Never Miss A Prize, Price Cut etc.)”

  1. Sounds like a great service. There are many times I’m waiting for a price to drop on an item before I will buy it. Thanks for the info.

  2. I like this, I think it will be something a lot of us will use and I know I’ve had the issues of waiting for items to drop in price befoe purchasing. Thanks for the info

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