Jul 302013

$5 Publix coupon

Don’t throw out the junk mail just yet! I spotted a fabulous $5 Publix coupon in between today’s junk mail. Look through your Red Plum flyer today, and see if you too have lucked out. Look for a Publix insert titled “At Publix, All The Savings Could BOGO To Your Head.”


This is a $5 off $50 Publix coupon. Limit one ccouon per customer per day. Offer good through August 14.2013.


I am so excited about this $5 Publix coupon, because it has been a while, since I’ve had any dollar off coupons with me.


Did you find the $5 off $50 Publix coupon in your junk mail today?

  2 Responses to “HOT $5 Publix Coupon – Check Your Junk Mail!”

  1. we dont have a publix near us. too bad because i’ve heard that they are really nice stores! oh well, giant it is haha

  2. I love it when stores give $ off $$ coupons. Such nice bonuses. Our Foodlion recently had $3 off $30 coupons printing at their machine and we were spending that much already so it was a free $3 not expected. Glad you found that one tucked in the junk.

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