Jul 162013

Children's Place Summer Clearance

Today, and today only you can get some HOT deals with 80 Percent off at Children’s Place. Use a 20 percent off coupon to save even more, and find matchable separates for as low as $1.39 each! This it the time to stock up for next year too! As if these low prices aren’t enough, you can also get FREE shipping on all orders with no minimum shipping, and you can get 2.5 percent cash back too.

This means that the prices on new clothing at Children’s Place for less than you can used clothing at the thrift store, so stock up on basics such as tanks as shorts – hurry up and find your deals, because people are snatching them up as you read. These deals area also much better than what you can find in store, so take advantage of the free shipping offer today.


How To Get The Best Deals at The Children’s Place:

  1. Sign in or sign up for a My Place Rewards account to get points for your order (You will get Children’s Place gift certificates in return)
  2. Then start shopping through EBATES to get 2.5 percent back on your order (You can get paid via check, paypal or Amazon) or go directly to Childrens’s Place with no cash back.
  3. Go to Children’s Place Clearance or click through to the sales from the front page.
  4. Choose low to high in the price section (left corner, right above the clothes section)
  5. Select Your Items
  6. Use the 25 percent off Children’s Place coupon code: H6G531
  7. Shipping is free automatically with no minimum order
  8. You can pay with credit card or paypal


Take a look at some of my favorite deals – the prices are pre coupon prices.


Children's Place Summer Clearance baby girls


Children's Place Summer Clearance



Children's Place Summer Clearance



You can always find my latest Children’s Place DEALS and COUPONS in the top navigation bar.


Did you buy anything at the 75 -80 percent off Children’s Place sale today?


  4 Responses to “HOT DEALS: 80 Percent Off Childrens Place + FREE Shipping (As Low As $1.39!)”

  1. MEMEMEME! I got 4 tanks and a pair of shorts. Mostly for my 4 year old but I was able to snag a couple larger size tanks for his brothers that will be passed down at some point $7 plus 2.5% back on ebates can’t complain! Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!!! I’m one happy MAMA! 🙂

    • I’m so happy that you were able to pick up some great deals Debbie, I checked out the in-store clearance on Saturday, and the prices were not even close to these low prices.

  2. Wow! What amazing prices! Keeping on top of these clearance deals can really help you clothe your children! Great finds.

  3. Thank You, I just sent a text to both my girls to go check it out and they will be so happy. Hope they find some great things, excellent deal and so glad you shared

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