Jul 122013

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Yesterday, I returned home from the a day out with the kids to find a big box on our door step. I had been waiting for this big box with great excitement, ever since I had put in my order last week, and as always it was thrilling opening it up. Inside of the box I found gorgeous dresses, beautiful coats, adorable outfits and lots of school clothing. What did I pay? $0.30!



That’s right, I paid $0.30 for everything. I had some ThredUp credit, which I had been saving up, and when a friend of our family mentioned that finding room in the budget for school clothes was going to be difficult this year, I figured that I might as well put the credit to good use.

So besides the usual dresses, coats and outfits for my baby girl, I also picked up some uniform separates and school clothes for my youngest son’s friend. She is such a sweet little girl, and I am so happy to be able to share a bit of our ThredUp happiness with her.



This is my favorite item in the box, a stunning Tommy Hilfiger dress with bloomers on sale for only $2.99. With three brothers, this dress is going to be perfect for family photos.

Blue and white tommy hilfiger dress


Take a look at what $17.43 can get you in back to school clothes at ThredUp, I do not even want to start speculating what the new price would have been as there are Levis, DKNY and Gymboree among the pieces.


school clothes



Take a look at my latest ThredUp order:


7 – IZOD Skort 7 (New With Tags) $2.49
7 – Gymboree Zip-up Hoodie 7 $2.49
7 – DKNY Skirt 7 $2.49
7 – Gymboree Light Sweater $2.49
7 – Disney Capris $2.49
7 – Levis Jeans $2.49
7 – Gymboree Skort $2.49
3 – Gymboree Light Coat 3 $2.49
4 – Gymboree Light Jackets/Coats $2.49
3 – Tommy Hilfiger Summer Dress with Bloomers 3 $2.99
12 Mo – Children’s Place Jumper w/ Matching Bloomers 12 Mo $2.49
18-24 Mo – Gymboree Dress 18-24 Mo $2.49
4/4T – OshKosh B’gosh Summer Dress 4/4T $2.49
2 – American Living Dress 2/2T $2.49
3/3T – Children’s Place Dress 3/3T $2.49
4years – Baby Gap Dress 4years   info $2.49
18-24 mo – Old Navy Dress 18-24 Mo $2.49
12 mo – Gymboree Dress With Bloomers $2.49
18 mo – Garb Dress With Bloomers $2.49
4 – Mulberribush Dress $2.49



Which one of the items in my order is your favorite?


If you like what I got, make sure to take advantage of the free $10 ThredUp sign up bonus while it lasts. There is no minimum order, but shipping is $2.99. If you spend $50 before the $10 discount, you get free shipping. If you sign up through my ThredUp bonus link you get $10 to shop for and so do I.

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  1. […] Having four kids cooped up inside during summer vacation surely isn’t fun, and after a week of no swimming and no exercise, we are surely ready for some water splashing. As for shopping, it has been done quickly and with very little planning, so the savings are scarce and I do have a little savings guilt. To make up for it, we did receive our latest order of free clothing. We made sure to share the free clothing joy around to friends in need, and if you want to get in on it, make sure to check out my latest free clothing post. […]

  2. wow! Incredible job shopping for clothes on your part! I’ve heard of Thred Up but have not seriously looked into it. Wouldbe a great way to buy clothes for my grandchildren!

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