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It is that time of the year, where parents are looking for great deals on back-to-school clothes, and let’s face it, sometimes the budget just isn’t big enough for the big brands that our kids sometimes wish for. I consider myself fortunate, because I have boys, my boys wear school uniforms, and thankfully they have yet to become brand conscious to any noticeable degree.

Still, I know how it is, I am a girl after all. I remember wishing for name brands that my parents could not afford, and I remember being embarrassed by the clothing I had in my closet. As a frugal mom of four, I am trying very hard to instill a sense of economic awareness in my children, which is why we shop and save together.

Thankfully I have discovered a compromise, which lets my kids have brand names, while we stay within our budget. We shop for basics with coupons and clearance at our local stores such as Target, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Gymboree and The Children’s Place. Then we pick up jeans, shorts and other name brand items such as uniform pants at our local thrift store, or we pick up some name brand items at our favorite online consignment store.

While I love the great condition of the ThredUp clothing, I have also discovered that they have a lot of new-with-tag clothes on sale for as little as $2.99! So, make sure to click the new-with-tag tab in the sidebar (under condition) to see, if you can find some cheap brand-new clothes for your kids too.

Right now the best deals can be found on jeans, long sleeve sweaters and jackets.

ThredUp Back-To-School Clothes Scenario 1:

  1. Sign up to get $10 off $10 on Back-To-School shopping here
  2. Buy $50 worth of back-to-school clothes
  3. Pay $40 and get free shipping

ThredUp Back-To-School Clothes Scenario 2

  1. Sign up to get $10 off $10 on Back-To-School clothes here
  2. Buy a piece of new-with-tag clothing for less than $10 ( See the sidebar under “condition”)
  3. Pay only $2.99 for shipping.



Take a look at what $40 can get you at our favorite online store ThredUp:

Back-to-School Clothes for Girls:

Size 12

Back To School ClothesBack To School Clothes Back To School Clothes


Total for all of the above $50.83 (Free shipping on orders of $50)

– $10 Back-To-School discount when signing up here

Total out of pocket $40.83! ($2.40 each!!!)



There are 35 pages with girls clothing size 12 for only $2.99!





If your kids wear school uniforms to school, ThredUp has it too. I have actually discovered that a lot of school uniform pieces can be found in the new-with-tags section (look for the “condition” tab in the sidebar. I know a lot of readers come here to find the latest school uniform clearance, but this is better than school uniform clearance.

Uniform clearance

ThredUp has a very high standard, when it comes to their used clothing. If you find a clothing in your ThredUp box, which does not live up to your expectations send them an email. I’ve done this and received credit back for the item.


Now, apparently I shop a lot at ThredUp, because I have become a VIP due to being one of their top 5 percent shoppers. This means I have a little extra treat for some of you. If you are one of the three first shoppers to sign up through this special Back-to-School Clothes link, then you will get $10 off your first order and you will get special access to a select back-to-school clothes selection for VIPs only. If you sign up and actually find something you like through any of the links in this post, I get $10 to shop for too.

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  1. That’s great prices on all those clothes. My kids don’t have to wear uniforms yet, but sometimes I think it would be easier if they did…and cheaper!

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