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At the Frugality Is Free family we rarely buy in season, instead we buy ahead. This is how we are able to buy clothing for our family of six on a very low clothing budget. Believe it or not, but February and July are the best times to buy winter jackets. So if you did not pick up a great deal on the winter clearance sales in the spring, make sure to buy jackets for the kids now.

My favorite place to buy jackets is at ThredUp, an online consignment store, which specializes in used kids clothes. However, you can also find new with tags clothing, and there are some great deals to be found (Make sure to read on for the details). Right now is the time to buy winter jackets ,winter coats, and winter shoes and boots, and at ThredUp you can find hundreds of jackets for as low as $2.49. I am actually waiting for a couple of jackets for my little one right now, they should be here in a few days.


Right now, you can get a fantastic deal, if this is your first time shopping at ThredUp.

  • Sign up to get $10 ThredUp dollars to shop for (no minimum order necessary, but sign up now as this is a limited time deal and no one knows, when this sign up offer will end).
  • Buy a $10 name brand jacket, a pair of shoes, or a piece of name brand clothing for your teen, child (or even yourself) (used in great condition or new with tags), and only pay $2.99 in shipping.
  • Or purchase $50 worth of used clothing, prices start at $2.49, and get free shipping. Use your free $10 ThredUp sign up bonus, and only pay $40 + get free shipping. (Think jackets, jeans, back-to-school clothing, beautiful dresses etc.)

Take a look at a few of my ideas for a great bargain on winter jackets and winter coats for girls and boys, but keep in mind that these deals might be gone already. The below deals will give you an idea of what to look for though.

Bon Bebe jacket


Bon Bebe Jacket size 5 new with tags $11.99 – $10 ThredUp sign up bonus = $1.99 + $2.99 shipping = $4.98 (Original price $26)



Limited Too jeans jacket

Limited Too Jeans Jacket size 14 new with tags at $11.99 – $10 ThredUp sign up bonus = $1.99 + $2.99 shipping = $4.98 (Original price $49)


Tommy Hilfiger red girls jacket


Tommy Hilfiger size 3 at $9.99 – $10 ThredUp sign up bonus = FREE + $2.99 shipping = $2.99 (New price $38)


used kids jackets


Take a look at a few of the great $2.99 jackets at ThredUp, there are countless of jackets for boys and girls in all sizes and from all brands.


used boys jackets


My husband looked funny at me, when I told him that I was working on a post about how to buy winter jackets in July. When I told him that I already have winter jackets for all the kids for next winter, and that I paid less than $10 total for all four, he understood. Living a frugal lifestyle does not mean living without, it just means thinking and shopping differently. For a frugal family on a budget, the best time to buy is whenever everyone else is not buying.



So now that you know where to buy winter jackets, sign up for your first $10 ThredUp bonus, and start looking for a great deal. When you sign up through the link above, you get $10 to shop for and so do I. It is a win, win situation, and you do not have to buy until you are ready to shop, the $10 ThredUp bonus stays in your account until you are ready to save on clothes.


When and where do you buy winter jackets? What would you buy (or what did you buy) with your free $10?

  60 Responses to “Buy Winter Jackets For The Kids NOW & Save On Clothes (Get $10 FREE)”

  1. i would buy a gift for my nephew. Not sure what he would want so I would let him choose something.

  2. The Bon Bebe Jacket is one I like for my great grand daughter. She would look real cute in it.

  3. We usually watch for after season sales for coats. I’d probably buy some things on clearance with the $10 to make it go the furthest.

  4. I usually shop for winter jackets on Ebay for my son because I can get gently used name brand jackets at great prices, but after discovering this site, Ebay may have some serious competition. My $10 will go to buy my son a couple of pairs of Gymboree Shorts. I will have to add a few bucks, but at these prices, who can resist?

  5. I would use the free $10 for jackets for my grandchildren. Jackets are so expensive, it would be great to get one free!

  6. I usually buy my Winter Jackets at Fashion Bug or Lane Bryant. My husband will get his at Fred Meyer or Shopco. As for what I’d get, I’m a plus size gal so I would buy the Talbot’s shirt and the IT Jeans listed. The shirt is a very cute style and would be good for cooler weather and the jeans are totally my style. For my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, I would get the Zunie dress or Children’s Place dress in 4t.

  7. I would buy a gift for my sweet niece.

  8. I’ve had a lot of luck buying them at Walmart when they go on clearance. I recently bought a Dickies coat for my son for $10. I’m saving it for a Christmas gift.

  9. I don’t have any kids but since I saw your review for this this place I fell in LOVE!I would use the $10 towards clothing for myself.They have so many cute juniors items!

  10. I don’t have many winter clothes, since I’m a Florida person, but I usually get mine at Target.

  11. Love the pink Bon Bebe jacket. My grand daughter Alexa loves pink and really needs a new jacket for the upcoming winter season.

  12. I just recently bought a very nice dress from Thred Up for me! Wore it church this morning -oh I received so many compliments…

  13. I would buy a new winter jacket for my new born son! He doesn’t have one yet and now is that time to think ahead.

    • Megan, congratulations on the birth of your son. Enjoy it, time goes by so fast, when they are just born. You are so right, it is definitely a good thing to think ahead. From experience, I would so buy a size that is double the age that he will be, once he start wearing it. If he was just born, I’d say buy a size 9 – 12 months for him, so that it fits all winter. My 5 month old is wearing size 9 – 12 month clothes right now, the size 6 months is getting very tight.

  14. ThredUp sounds like such a great site, I went there to check it out. However, they don’t let you even look at their site without signing up first. Even the “how it works” tab is behind the sign-up popup. What a shame! It certainly sounds like it’s great for you, but since I won’t sign up for something without being able to give it even a cursory once-over first, I guess I’ll never know if it would work for me, too. In any case, congrats on the great deals!

  15. We usually purchase our winter jackets at Wal-Mart or at other discount stores or on sale at Macy’s or kohls.

  16. They have such cute jackets. I know my kids would like quite a few of them. I’d probably use the extra to buy more coats since i’ve got quite a few to buy for.

  17. There are lots of great stuff for my niece. I would probably get the Gymboree Top, Short Sleeve!

  18. I always go to Burlington Coat Factory if I need a winter coat. I live in Southern California so that is rare. I would love to use this site to buy a new winter coat with a hood – that is the one thing my coat is lacking!

  19. I usually buy our winter jackets at the end of winter. That is when they go on clearance and I get them next to nothing..Now that is my kind of sale 🙂

  20. I would buy winter jackets for my 9 month old baby.

  21. I would get a winter coat for my great grand daughter maybe the Bon Bebe one

  22. I have not heard of ThredUp before but I sure wish I had. What bargains! I am not sure what I would get, I would have to peruse it for a while and see what is the best I can get for $10.

  23. I would buy winter jackets for my 9 month old baby

  24. I would buy winter gloves and some cute winter hats as it gets cold in New York during winter time!

  25. I would look to see if they have any fall / winter maternity clothing at a discount or look to see what baby clothing they may have.

  26. I haven’t bought winter jackets yet but I’m going to have to. I’ve been wearing my winter coat for a few years now & I’m just sick to death of it!

  27. I just joined this last week.I think through this blog and I bought a pair of ladies cargo pants..It looks like a great shop and the shipping is great also.

  28. I would buy a new scarf for this winter. A shop in our downtown has some on super clearance right now and I’m sure I could find an adorable one for $10!!

  29. I would use the free $10 for jackets for my grandchildren~seeing that I have 11 this would really help us!!

  30. I love the red Tommy Hilfiger coat. That would really look adorable on my great grand daughter. And great for a Christmas gift for her too

  31. ThreadUP is fabulous! We’re good on winter outerwear, though sometimes you see deals you just can’t resist. I’m always on the lookout for sweaters.

  32. Jackets for only $2.99?!
    The last boys Circo jacket is a must have. My boys would stay extra cozy this winter.

  33. I’m a Florida girl, so we’re not big on winter jackets. 😉 I’d love to put $10 towards some new fall boots, though!

  34. With a free $10 i would buy a few jackets for the kids. In Michigan the weather is normally cold and these jackets would come in handy.

  35. i missed the july clearance sale for kids coats, althought i do usually find great deals when i do shop clearance there! so i guess i would put the 10 dollars towards a new winter kids coat.

  36. living in florida we dont need very heavy coats, but I would get some light weight ones for my son and maybe a raincoat

  37. Love that Baby Gap jacket. My granddaughter would look so cute in it!

  38. I would get a cute little girlie jacket for when we go to ohio

  39. I would apply toward other clothing items my grandchildren may need

  40. I found some really great deals for Christmas. I found new pants and shirts for my niece that still had the tags on.

  41. I would use the $10 for a jacket for myself, need new ones after losing weight.

  42. I try to buy things on sale so I can save money

  43. Id buy my little man a new winter coat

  44. Id buy my little man a new winter coat and also a few clothing items since he hit a growth spurt this summer

  45. I would use the 10 to buy accessories if they were available. Things like gloves, hats, etc

  46. I would buy a jacket for my granddaughter – I would have her pick it since she is very much into shopping

  47. I would look for a nice sweater for my grandaughter. I love this site! I have bought several items here and am very pleased!

  48. I always try to buy their clothes or coats on sale if I can find them, it helps with the budget alot

  49. I would get my granddaughter the pink winter jacket. She loves to wear pink!

  50. I like the Banana Republic Light Sweater by Banana Republic that looks nice and warm for fall and winter and it is very pretty also 🙂

  51. Our daughter is in college. I would give the ten dollars to her. She could buy a personal item with it.

  52. I have lost over 100 pounds and really could use the $10 to buy myself a winter coat that fits properly.

  53. I have lost 100 pounds and really need a new winter coat that fits and $10 would help with that.

  54. Id buy the pink jacket from Childrens Place! It is so cute and a great price!!

  55. I would use it to buy a winter jacket for my great grand daughter . Probably the black one from Childrens Place.

  56. $10 savings wouldn’t help me even a little bit. I shop at Goodwill and get almost brand new things for 50 cents apiece.

  57. We buy jackets at Dillards, I would use the $10 dollars toward a jacket for our granddaughter,

  58. I like this site, they have such good deals! With the ten dollars I would buy something for my sisters or my niece!

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