Jul 192013

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Do you have a superhero fan in your family? We sure do, in fact we have several. Whether it’s Superman, Batman, Flash or even Superwoman, our kids love superheroes.


Flash towel


For his fourth birthday our youngest son Emory received something super useful, because the Target Justice League collection is full of fun and super useful Justice League products. Em got a cool Flash towel and mask, which is perfect for him, because he spends many days at the pool and the beach each week.


flash cape towel


The Flash cape towel is absolutely perfect for our little water guy, and his big brothers are a big envious of his flash towel, so I might just have to head to Target to pick up some big Justice League towels for them as well. Em is a July baby, and it seems that he is always freezing – even on days where the rest of us are calling for the A/C, and the Flash cape towel from Target is a perfect way for him to keep warm, whenever he is taking a break from the pool.
Through a partnership with Warner Bros., Target is introducing a summer collection of reimagined, retro-inspired Justice League merchandise at your local Target store. The special summer collection, as well as other more traditional licensed merchandise can be found in almost every department at Target. So, if you have a superhero fan in the family, check out your local Target store’s selection of Justice League products.


Flash towel


The Justice League Flash Cape Towel is made of 100 percent cotton, and it can be both machine washed and tumbled dry, which is a big plus in a big family like ours. We throw all swim clothes and towels in the washer, as soon as we get home, so that they are ready for our next trip to the pool or the beach, which may very well be the following day.

red felt mask

The Justice League collection also includes this really cool matching felt mask.

Flash cape towel and mask

Buy It

You can buy the Justice League Flash Cape Towel and lots of other great Justice League products at your local Target store or online at Target.com.




Who is the superhero fan in your family? What Justice League product would they love for their birthday?




Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Justice League Flash Towel sample for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the flash towel from Target.




  12 Responses to “Hot Justice League Products at Target – Check Out The Cool Flash Cape Towel”

  1. I like these . I havent seen them at Target yet. These would be great for my grand son for when he goes swimming. I like that it has a hood to which can help dry the hair – not just a regular towel. thanks – my hero is my grandson

  2. this is an awesome towel!!! my little nephew would go crazy for this with his super power imagination

  3. Love it! It is practical and fun all rolled into one! Super product. Emory will be thrilled.

  4. This is a super cute idea for a child’s towel. My son would have loved this when he was little. He’s 27 now and he still might love it!

  5. What an adorable idea. My son is 23 years old now and they just didn’t have a lot of the really cool things back then that they have now. My son just used plain old towels.

  6. Such a cute and fun idea! And perfect for summer! I’ll have to check out their other products from that line.

  7. How cool , I just saw these in my Target this week, SO I am curious, do they hold up to washing weel? I wash towels everyday like you because we swim everyday too. Was just curious about that.

  8. That is so cute.I bet my little brother would wish they had these when he was little..he had to use sheets or towels LOL

  9. I betcha I’m probably the ONLY person who is going to leave a negative comment, since most bloggers want good reviews so people usually leave positive notes, but I feel like stating my TRUE opinion. I would NOT allow my child to look like that in public, whether at the beach, public pool, anywhere. Maybe, it’s just me, but uh…no.

    • Wow. You’re a self-centered parent. Let your kid be a kid. Why are you worried about other parents seeing your child wrapped in a towel of their favorite superhero?
      Get over yourself.

  10. That looks like something all of my kids would like.. boy and girls! It is such a cute design.

  11. This is great! I will keep a note for next summer! Love the design.

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