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July is national Park and Recreation Month

Did you know that July is National Park and Recreation Month? It sure is, and my family has taken advantage of our local parks all summer. With four kids and a very small backyard, the local parks are a great place to bring along the kids, their bikes, a picnic blanket, drinks and some snacks.

For some extra fun, we’ve also brought the kids grandparents to the park, we’ve brought along friends, and this year we even explored lots of local parks with my brother, his wife and their kids. South Florida has some of the best public parks that I have seen, and going to the park is such a fun and frugal activity for the entire family.

Summer vacation

Just this weekend, we brought along our tennis racquets and a basketball, and the kids had a blast, while the grown ups tried to pretend that we were still kids.

Taking the kids to the park is also a great way to keep the kids away from the couch and the video games. The kids do not even realize that they are exercising, when they are out playing games at the playground or the basketball court.

Down here in South Florida, we are also lucky to have the Everglades close by, and it provides some fantastic nature and wildlife experiences for the kids.




In our family the kids love studying the wild life in our local parks, and they are especially fond of the turtles.

wild turtles


I Love my Parks and Recreation because, the parks provide an affordable way for our family to spend fun quality time together.


You can learn more and find events at your local park at http://www.nrpa.org/july/


Have you visited your local parks this summer? If so, what is your favorite part of going to the park?



Disclaimer: I wrote this post as a part of a sponsored campaign through US Family Network. Any opinions expressed above are mine alone, and they are based solely on my family’s experience with our local parks.

  2 Responses to “July Is National Park and Recreation Month”

  1. I haven’t visited parks in a long time, not since my children were younger. But it’s a great reminder of how much fun you can have out-of-doors, especially now that we have grand children.

  2. We are also great lovers of National Parks. They are usually free, and many of them also have Nature Centers and so much for kids to learn. We just visited the Nature Refuge in Hobe Sound, and it was a beautiful experience for all of us.

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