Jul 112013

Do your kids love Kelloggs cereal, pop tarts, cookies and more? If so, make sure to sign up for the Kelloggs Rewards program. When you sign up for Kelloggs Rewards, you will get lots of great coupons sent to your inbox. You will also be able to enter codes found on the Kellogg’s products you buy, which you can then redeem for prizes and more great high-value Kellogg’s coupons.


Enter these Kelloggs Rewards codes to get points in your Kelloggs Rewards account:


YMNB-TT9B-XHJ9-JKRY (50 points)

KKXR-K9FK-F5L8-BBPH (5 points)



What’s your favorite Kellogg’s product?

  2 Responses to “Kelloggs Rewards”

  1. These reward programs are great to be a part of–I love when companies pay back to loyal customers. And when they are rewarded for everyday necessities, like groceries, it is an added bonus.

  2. Thanks for the rewards codes! Haven’t yet redeemed any of my points.

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