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Every year the Frugality Is Free family throw a fun and frugal summer party, and this year we had our summer party, when the kids’ grandparents were here. We had eight adults and nine kids at our party, and thanks to ALDI’s great prices, we were able to stretch our $100 party budget far. Our summer party this year was a dessert and pizza party, and we were thrilled to find lots of great foods to serve our guests by a quick trip to ALDI.

The South Florida summer weather has been in quite unstable this year, and so we ended up having to postpone the summer party once due to some unpredictable South Florida summer weather. We almost had to postpone a second time due to bad weather, but we decided to defy the bad weather and still have a party.

This year was all about easy – easy planning, easy set up, easy food preparation and easy clean up, because this year we had a newborn in the family. Thankfully ALDI makes an easy party easy to do with simple party food solutions, great prices and products that you can count on.


ALDI grocery cart


With a $100 party budget, I took my dad, the baby and my youngest son shopping at ALDI for summer party food, and we were in an out in about 30 minutes. ALDI has a simple store set up, which makes getting in and out quicker than elsewhere, and the always low prices on basics and gourmet makes heading toward the cash register stress free.


ALDI Pizza


We started out with Mama Cozzi’s pizza, which is better known around here as ALDI pizzas. These 16″ pizzas are a great size for a family, and for the party we made three pizzas: The Mama Cozzi’s Supreme Pizza, the Mama Cozzi’s Pepperoni Pizza and the Mama Cozzi’s Five Cheese Pizza. The 16″ ALDI pizzas are easy to make, as all you need to do is put them in oven for about 12 minutes. My kids love the ALDI pizzas, and I love how easy they are to make.


ALDI Supreme Pizza

 ALDI Supreme Pizza


ALDI Pepperoni Pizza

ALDI Pepperoni Pizza


 The ALDI pizzas are a favorite among my boys, and their friends sure liked them too. Check out our pizza feast…

ALDI Cheese Pizza


ALDI Pepperoni Pizza


A big part of the summer party was the dessert table, which once again was done in a simple manner thanks to some easy-to-serve ALDI desserts. We served up a decadent chocolate dessert table that the kids loved diving into, and we also made ALDI brownies, a cherry pie and more.

 ALDI Desserts


The dessert table was filled with goodies such as the Benton’s Chocolate Wafer Rolls, Chocolate Butter Cookies, Choceur Chocolate Bars and creamy Choceur Cream Filled Chocolate, all of which seemed to evaporate from the table faster than a rain drop on a hot South Florida afternoon.

 ALDI Desserts

We also served delicious ice cream cones, which came in three different flavors. The Sundae Shoppe Sundae Nut Cones came with a vanilla ice cream, a caramel core and a chocolate with peanut coating, all of which delighted both young and old at our party. The Sundae Nut Cones with a fudge core also made quite an impression, and the kids were especially thrilled by the fudge core.


ALDI fruit platter

Thanks to ALDI’s low prices and weekly produce deals, we were able to serve a beautiful fruit platter. ALDI always has great prices on strawberries, and you can never go wrong with a watermelon from ALDI. We usually buy a watermelon every week, leave it on the counter for about five days, and at this point is perfectly ripe and ready to be served.

ALDI Honey Dew Salad


We also served a honey dew salad, which was quite refreshing on the warm summer day.




ALDI Ice Cream Cones


The absolute favorite among our youngest guests were the Sundae Shoppe Sundae Cones with triple chocolate, which was a very special treat for chocolate lovers. The Sundae Cones Tripe Chocolate is a chocolate cone filled with chocolate ice cream, a chocolate fudge core and a chocolate cookie crunch topping.

chocolate ice cream cone


One of the special items from ALDI’s summer catalog was the Belmont Spring Cheesecake Sampler, which had an assortment of smooth and creamy cheese cakes with flavors such as key lime, strawberry swirl, lemon blueberry and orange blossom.


Cheesecake sampler


The strawberry swirl cheesecake was an immediate hit, but the key lime cheesecake was a close second among our guests, who all love a trip to the Florida Keys.


eating cheesecake


The kids played water games, basketball, and they even took the rabbit out for a walk. The guest loved all the goodies, and it . was another successful summer party. Thanks to ALDI’s low prices, we were able to serve a smorgasbord filled with summer food and treats for every taste and desire.


ALDI Party fun


You can check out all of the great prices at this party food post.


You can check out your local ALDI deals, holiday hours and the ALDI summer catalog here, and make sure to follow the ALDI Facebook page, to keep up to date on the latest ALDI news.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received ALDI gift certificates to facilitate the review. Any opinions expressed above are entirely our own, and they are based solely on the guests’ and our own family’s experience with the ALDI summer party food and ALDI desserts.  

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  1. That looked like a great party! All the food looked delicious. I love chocolate so I thought the dessert looked great! And it was on a budget, even better!!

  2. Looks like no one went home hungry! Those pizzas look delicious and you certainly didn’t have to worry about the chocolate deserts melting in the Florida heat before they were snatched up.

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  4. What a fun party and what great food. Sounds like it was easy to plan for. No Aldi’s where I live, unfortunately. LOVE the looks of that cheesecake sampler!

  5. Looks like you found great party food items at Aldi’s -they all look so delicious! I’ve been going to Aldi’s for more organic foods -but I’ll be remembering them when our company comes in for desserts!

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  7. Wow, everything looks so delicious! I’ll bet everyone really enjoyed themselves. I’d love one of those cones right now.

  8. That food all looks delicious! I can’t believe how much you were able to get for such a low price. I wish we had that store here in Southern California!

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