Jul 182013

Baby Wipes

The buy 1 at $2, get one for $1 Target deal on baby wipes is back, and I surely was not going to miss it.


1 Huggies Baby wipe at $2 and 1 huggies baby wipes box at $1 = $3 – ($1 Huggies baby wipes coupon from Huggies mailer and 2 x $0.50 Huggies Baby Wipes Target coupon from Target mailers (also look in the latest issues of Family Fun and Parents Magazines) = $1 ($0.50 each)

2 x Pampers Baby Wipes at $2 and 2 x Pampers Baby Wipes at $1 = $6 – (4 x $0.50 Papers coupons from 7/7 P&G coupon insert) = $4 ($1 each)


Tax $0.48

Total out of pocket $5.42

Total saved $9.48

  4 Responses to “Target Deal on Baby Wipes (As Low As $0.50 Per 64 count)”

  1. Great savings for sure! I hate to spend money on disposable/consumable items, so saving on them is always a pleasure.

  2. I love saving on wipes and diapers. I am due next mos and for several mos I have been stocking up. My Kroger had a few Mega Event sales where I was able to pick up wipes for free to 49 cents. I hope they continue these. I think I must have at least 40 packs/boxes in my stockpile.

  3. my cousin is pregnant with her first child. i am going to stock up on these for her! i’m sure she’ll appreciate it

  4. That’s a great deal on wipes. I bought some as well but when I got to the register I realized I had left my Target Q’s at home!!! lol SO my deal wasn’t as great

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