Jul 262013

It has been an exciting week at the Frugality Is Free family, because we are finally getting over our summer sickness. This means we are back outside having fun at the pool, the beach and at the parks. Our youngest son turned 4 this past Sunday, and thanks to some great giveaway wins and some 70 percent off toy shopping back in January, we did not have to worry about adding birthday gifts to the budget.

It seems like the summer vacation has just rushed by this year, and the kids are getting excited about starting school again. Next week all three boys start swim classes, so the last few weeks will go by quickly I am sure.

The baby is now 5 months! I can hardly believe it – my little Bellamy Blue is no longer a newborn, she is now a happy little baby with chubby thighs, the pretties curly hair and a smile that can melt hearts. She is soooo spoiled, because her brothers love her more than I ever imagined they would. There is always someone to give her kisses, hugs and asking to hold her, read to her, sit with her, and the boys cannot wait until she can crawl.

While you are here, don’t forget to enter the Frugality Is Free giveaways, we have lots of grocery money to giveaway.


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I spent $19.31 at Publix

I saved $16.89 at Publix

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CVS Deal

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I spent $2.64

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The Frugality Is Free Family’s Weekly Totals

Weekly Grocery Spendings $78.83

Weekly Grocery Savings Family of 5 $99.89


Clothing & Extras Spendings $0

Clothing & Extras Savings $0

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $78.83

Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $99.89

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