Jul 212013

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 Milky Way Ice Cream Bars

Did you know that today, Sunday July 21st is National Ice Cream Day? It sure is, in fact July is National Ice Cream month – did you celebrate yet? We began our ice cream celebrations a little early with some fantastic, sweet treats from Mars.

Mars makes some great-tasting ice cream, and if you are a candy bar fan, you will surely love the Snickers ice cream, Twix ice cream bars and the favorite at our house the Milky Way ice cream bars.

 mars ice cream

I always try to have a stock of ice cream in the fridge, because once the ice cream truck comes around (which it does quite frequently in our neighborhood), I can pull out ice cream for all my kids (and their friends) for the same price as one ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Having great-tasting ice cream bars such as the Milky Way bars, the Snickers bars and the Twix ice cream bars also ensures that the neighborhood kids come to our backyard to play, which means my kids won’t be begging to go somewhere else. I like to keep them close and supervised, and that I do best in our own backyard.


Snickers Ice Cream

snickers ice cream bar

Milky Way Ice Cream Bar

Milky Way Ice Cream Bar

Twix Ice Cream Bar

Twix ice cream bar


Today is my youngest son’s fourth birthday, and he sure am excited about sharing the day with ice cream? Of course we had to have ice cream with the birthday cake as well, and once again ice cream had a way of getting everyone in the neighborhood together.


Mars ice cream

When you head to the store to pick up some delicious Mars ice cream, make sure to look for the specially marked packages that come with a free Redbox movie rental.


free redbox



Buy It

You can buy Mars Ice Cream bars and Mars Ice Cream at your local grocery store.

Check out the Mars Ice Cream store locator to find a store near you.



Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Mars Ice Cream samples for the purpose of writing a about National Ice Cream Day. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the ice cream from Mars.

  3 Responses to “Today Sunday July 21st Is National Ice Cream Day – Enjoy Some Cold Treats From Mars”

  1. Love ice cream, so got to celebrate today! Those Snickers ice cream bars are tempting since Snickers is my favorite candy bar.

  2. this is really funny because i was randomly craving ice cream yesterday! now i know why! hahaha! my subconscious must have known the occasion 😉

  3. Now that’s something worthy of having a national day! Ice Cream! I am sure the Frugality Is Free family enjoyed celebrating!

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