Jul 252013

Up & Up Sunscreen Clearance

Although we did not hit the Target toy clearance jackpot this morning, we surely did not go in vain. We found something even better – Up & Up Sunscreen Clearance. This year I  missed out on the 70 percent off Target summer clearance sale, so when I spotted a couple of carts full of sunscreen, I decided to check it out.

After taking several different kinds of sunscreens to the scanner, we found the jackpot. A 3 pack of UP & Up Sunscreen for $1.39!!! This deal was good on both the SPF 15 and the SPF 50. Of course, we quickly put back the SPF 15, and we snagged up a bunch of the SPF 50. The expiration date is not until 2015, and with a family of six, our outdoor South Florida lifestyle and our many trips to the pool and the beach each week, we go through a lot of sunscreen.

Up & Up Sunscreen Clearance


I am still in awe of this sunscreen deal, and I really had to try hard not to pick up all of them. I made sure that we picked up a pack for our friends, and that we have enough to share with our family and friends when they come to visit.

We also picked up a double pack of OFF on clearance, since we have lots of mosquitos in our backyard.


Target Clearance Deals:

4 x 3 packs of Up & Up Sunscreen on clearance at $1.39 = $5.56 – ($1 Up & Up Sunscreen coupon) = $4.56 ($1.14 each) (Original price $13.99)

1 x 2 pack OFFs mosquito repellent on clearance at $3.74 – ($1.50 OFF coupon from a free magazine) = $2.24 (Original price $7.49)


– $0.05 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.50

Total out of pocket $7.25

Total saved $60


After clearance and coupons, I ended up paying $0.38 per sunscreen! If you have bought sunscreen at full price this year, I am sure you know what a great deal this is.


Did you find any great Target clearance deals this week?


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  1. I went and looked for this deal, but not available at my store in southern California. Most of the clearance items were gone by the time i got there, but did manage to get some boxes of cookie mix for 18 cents each!

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