Jul 292013

Zaycon chicken

We just placed our first Zaycon chicken order, and you better believe that we are excited here in the Frugality Is Free family. One of the biggest expenses in our grocery budget for our family of six is meat, and even though we spend a lot of money on meat, we still don’t feel like we get the best quality meat.

We have wondered about Zaycon Foods for a while, since a lot of frugal bloggers seem to rave about it. This week a bunch of new Zaycon events started popping up in our area, and we are finally doing it. We have put in our order for 40 lbs of chicken from Zaycon Foods.

The Zaycon Foods truck will show up on a scheduled date at a local church, and everyone who puts in their order, will go and pick it up. This direct sales method ensures a greater per pound prize, and the direct farm to consumer method ensures high quality.


Some of the Zaycon Foods events in South Florida:

    • Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
    • Fresh 93/7 Super Lean Ground Beef
    • Fresh Strawberries
    • Natural Non-Homogenized Whole Milk
    • Orchard Peaches
    • Raw Wildflower Honey


Sign up for Zaycon Foods here, to see if there are any scheduled Zaycon Foods events in your area, and to see the low meat prices available to you.


Where do you buy your meat?



Disclaimer: This post contains our referral link. The Frugality Is Free family is receiving free Zaycon chicken in return for writing about our Zaycon Foods experiences.

  5 Responses to “Our First Zaycon Chicken Order – Where Do You Get Your Meat?”

  1. i get mine from Giant. But these sound a whole lot better quality!

  2. I just placed my first order with them, too, and we don’t get it until October 11! Looking forward to getting 40 pounds of chicken!

  3. I buy most of my meat from Winco when packages have been marked down. Of course, that means they are close to expiration date so I must freeze or use right away. I have wondered about quality in some instances. Have not seen Zaycon offered in my area, but maybe in the future!

  4. Penn Dutch. Their boneless chicken breast goes on sale frequently for under $2.00 and it’s very good quality

  5. We order some foods thru a coop–like rice and grains to grind. This summer we have been enjoying buying meat at our local farmers’ market direct from the farmer that raised it–Yummy! I’ll be waiting to hear how your experience turns out with this.

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