Aug 262013

Office Depot 1 cent deals

This morning I decided to add on to my exercise class, so I walked/ran to the nearest Office Depot, which is a 3 mile walk. I might have stretched myself a bit too thin, but I made it there and back in time to pick my youngest son up from school. While there were moments on my walk/run that I felt a little tired, it sure felt good afterward.

I have been looking for a good deal on erasers that was not too far out of the way, and at $0.25 for a 3 pack of erasers, I made sure to pick up the maximum limit of 3. With 3 boys in school, we go through lots of erasers throughout the year.

Check out this week’s Office Depot 1 Cent Deals:

3 x Pencil cases @ $0.01 each

10 x 2 Pocket Folders @ $0.01 each

2 x Office Depot Copy Paper 400 ct at $2.50 each

3 x 3 Pack Office Depot Erasers @ $0.25 each

3 x Pencil Sharpeners @ $0.25 each

Tax $0.40

Total out of pocket $7.03

Total saved $22.08



Did you pick up the 1 cent Office Depot deals this week?


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