Aug 042013

After having seen lots of post round the blogosphere about a 10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon, I decided to figure out how I could get the original Kohl’s coupon link, as I did not want to walk all the way to Kohl’s with a coupon they would not accept. I found it, and you can get it too! Request your $10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon sent to your inbox on the Kohl’s Facebook page. This coupon is only good on back-to-school apparel.

Then go here to request a 20 percent off Kohl’s coupon, this one expires tonight 8/4/13.

After going through my youngest son’s clothing for school (he starts pre K this year), I ended up realizing that he really did not have a nice, yet practical first day of school outfit. The shirts I thought he would fit into were too small on him…. He mostly wears hand-me-downs from his two older brothers or Target clearance clothing, but I wanted him to have a couple of new shirts, and a pair of new shirts, so that he too will feel extra special on his first day of school.


back-to-school clothes


Well, thanks to Kohl’s I was able to find him a nice dress shirt that is still practical enough, and which will go perfect with his hand-me-down Levis jeans short. I also got him a new pair of shorts and two t shirts in his favorite color blue, all for less than $14.

We had a birthday party to go to, but we walked to Kohl’s first to cash in on tax free shopping in South Florida.


Take a look at our $10 off $25 Kohl’s Coupon Deals:


Jumping Beans shorts on clearance at $4.80 (Original price $16)

Tony Hawk T Shirt on clearance at $4.80 (Original price $16)

Tony Hawk T Shirt on clearance at $3.20  (Original price $16)

Tony Hawk Dress Shirt on sake at $14.40  (Original price $24)


Tax $0.15

– $10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon

– 20 percent off Kohl’s coupon (-3.44)

Total out of pocket $13.91

Total saved $62.57



Did you find any great deals with your $10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon?


  4 Responses to “HOT $10 Off $25 Kohl’s coupon Deals – $76 Worth of Back-To-School Clothes For $13”

  1. I got mine and I’m going this weekend! I also just go a $25 kohls card from mypoints in the mail on Sat. Works for me! 🙂 I might of had to miss the clearance deals at target due to no money but I got that gift card so that works even more perfect!

    • Debbie, how perfect with that gift card. I love Mypoints for that very reason, and I always get Kohl’s cards. Make sure to keep an eye out for another 15 or 20 percent off coupon this week, so that you can save even more when you go.

  2. How wonderful you were able to get him a wonderful first day of school outfit. Will make him feel special.

  3. Great deal and super cute clothes!

    I used my $10 off $25 Kohl’s coupon plus 15% off coupon code today! I got some great deals and will be sharing on my blog soon! 🙂

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