Aug 192013

$5 off $25 Amazon coupon

There is a rare, but very cool $5 off $25 Amazon coupon available right now, so if you have any purchases on your Amazon wish list, you might want to pick them up now. Simply, click the link above, then answer the question, share it on facebook, and you get your coupon added to your account.

This $5 off $25 Amazon coupon expires Thursday August 22nd, so use it while you can.

We need new toner for our laser printer, and I sure hope I can use the coupon to get it a little cheaper.


What will you use your $5 Amazon coupon on?

  2 Responses to “$5 Off $25 Amazon Coupon”

  1. Books.

  2. Just got an email about K pods…might use it for them!

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