Aug 162013

ALDI veggies

We made our regular ALDI trip this week to fill up the fruit bowl, and we were out of milk. It was a quick trip, but we managed to get everything that we needed except for a watermelon. ALDI milk always seem to be at least $0.50 less than anywhere else around here, so just making a trip to ALDI for milk and eggs will save us a bunch on the grocery bill every week.


ALDI groceries


ALDI Groceries:

Fresh Chicken Tenders $3.12

Chicken drumsticks $3.56

Roma tomatoes $1.89

Valencia oranges $1.99

3.08 lbs of bananas $1.36

Granny Smith Apples $3.49

2 x Plantains @ $0.25 each

Broccoli crowns $1.69

2 lbs grapes $1.78

Cookies $1.49

Cookies $1.39

Large Eggs $1.39

Black Beans $0.59

Instant Oatmeal $1.49

Hot Dog Bus $0.89

1 gallon ALDI Milk $2.89

Hand sanitizer $0.99

Total out of pocket $34.08

Total saved $18 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)

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