Aug 302013

ALDI fruit

We did not make it to ALDI last week, so we were out of a lot of ALDI staples. Since the kids are now back in school, I suspect that we will only be able to shop at ALDI every other week, so I made sure to buy extra. We are still keeping your our fingers crossed that ALDI will move a little closer though.

ALDI Groceries

It felt good to finally be able to fill up the grocery cart with fresh produce, and the kids are thrilled that the fruit bowl is full again. They especially love the ALDI watermelons, which rarely fail. We keep them on the counter for five days, and then they are perfectly sweet and delicious.



Check out our ALDI Deals.

10 lbs Russet Potatoes $3.79

Lemon $1.89

2 x Plaintains @ $0.25 each

3 lb onions $1.79

2 lbs red onlin2 $1.59

3 Pack Tomatoes $1.29

Seedless Watermelon $3.29

Blackberries $1.49

Oregano $1

Medium salsa $1.69

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Fajitas $1.69

Pie Crust $1.89

Fig Bars $1.89

1 Gallon Skim Milk $2.89

Juice boxes $1.49

Tortilla chips $1.69

Potato salad $2.49

Black Beans $0.59

Chicken Drumsticks $3.99

Chicken Thighs $3.31

Ground Beef $6.67


Total spent $63.65

Total saved $20 

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