Aug 022013

 ALDI fruit

Our ALDI trip this week was another quick one with four kids in tow. I looked in the fridge before I left, and I wondered where all of the food had gone. Having the big boys home from school for the summer can definitely be felt in the fridge, but thankfully ALDI has some great prices on the basics and treats.

I let the boys pick out a couple of ALDI snacks, so that we can bring something to the pool every day.

ALDI Foods


Chicken tenders $3.28

Chicken drumsticks $3.53

Watermelon $3.89

1 gallon fat free milk $2.89

Lactose free milk $2.79

2 x ALDI eggs @ $1.39 each

2 x ALDI cookies @ $1.49 each

2 x Tortillas 10 ct @ $0.99 each

Hot dog buns $0.89

Fig newtons $0.89

Pepperoni $1.9

2 lbs grapes $1.78

Blackberries $1.49

Peaches and plums @ $0.29 each

10 lb Russet potatoes $3.79

2 x Plantains @ $0.25 each


Total out of pocket $44.19

Total saved $17 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery store)



Did you check out my ALDI summer party?

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