Aug 152013

Better World Books Sale 2013

Better World Books is having a great sale today, and my boys are very excited. Throughout the summer, the boys have been participating in reading programs at the local libraries, at Barnes & Noble, and they have been working hard on our own family reading program as well. The money they earn in our family reading program – their book earnings – can be spent on books only…new or used.

The kids have been saving up their book earnings for, when Better World Books had a good sale, and today it arrived. Better World Books is our favorite online used book store, because they have free shipping. We go through a lot of books at our house, and going to the library is a special treat that the kids look forward to. The library often comes up short, when it comes to specialized books within our kids areas of interest, and so we have quite an extensive collection of books at home.

How To Get The Best Deal at Better World Books:

  1. Start shopping at EBATES to earn 3 percent back
  2. Wait for a great Better Worlds Books sale like the 40 percent off today (and tomorrow), when you buy 5+ books.
  3. Go to the bargain bin and search for the books you want (or browse the list)
  4. The discount will be taken off the final price.
  5. You can get used books for as low as $2.08 shipped.



Our Family Reading Program:

  • Read a chapter book $0.20
  • Read an Easy Reader level 4 $0.15
  • Read a children’s book or easy reader $0.10
  • Read for younger brother age 4 ($0.05 bonus)
  • Read for baby sister ($0.02 bonus)
  • Read an award winning book ($0.05 bonus)
  • Do a book report $0.50
  • Present your book report to the family $0.05


All summer long, we have been keeping track of the kids individual book earnings through Excel spreadsheets, and it has been a great motivating factor in reading this summer. Our kids read so much that my oldest son’s fourth grade teacher told him to “Have fun and…don’t read too much”, when she said good bye before the end of the school year. Our middle son’s 1st grade teacher came carrying out with a huge bag full of shark books, as it turned out that our son had been reading all of his books from home at school during the year.

As mentioned earlier, the book earnings can only be used toward new books. Today my oldest son chose three new (used) Wimpy Kid books, our middle son chose two shark books and our youngest son chose a Caillou book.

I also picked up some additional books for their Christmas book boxes, as I give them each a big box full of books that fit their interest.


How do you keep your kids motivated, when it comes to reading?

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