Aug 282013

My birthday is coming up, and this year I got to splurge a little on myself thanks to a giveaway win. My friend Cheryl – founder of Simply CVS – actually sent me the link to enter the Kohl’s giveaway at Love Grows Wild, because she knows that I love shopping at Kohl’s.

With all three boys in school, it was quite a pleasure to shop just us girls. Of course, I still ran out of time, and I did not go through all of the clearance sections. I had hoped to pick up a pair of new Capri pants for myself, but I did not find any I liked at a price I liked. Maybe I’ll look again, once I can use my $10 Kohl’s cash starting tomorrow.

What I did find was two pair of walking shoes, and I was thrilled to find them. The ones I currently use have been walked to despair, and they are in desperate need of relief. I also found some great deals for my daughter and I found a few pieces for my youngest son, including a school uniform shirt for next year. Yes that’s right, I’m now shopping for next year’s back-to-school time, because this is when the deals are the best. I do this every year, and as a result I barely had to buy any clothes for the kids this year before the start of school, I simply went and looked through their clothing boxes, and that’s where we did our shopping at rock-bottom prices. As for the big boys, the prices just weren’t that great yet, it will come though, once the summer clearance moves to 80 percent off.

I brought along a Kohl’s coupon, and I made sure to spend more than $50 before tax, so that I could get $10 Kohl’s cash back towards my next shopping trip.


Kohls clothes


Take a look at my Kohl’s coupon deals:

Croft & Barrow Walking Sandals on clearance at $11.99 (Regular price $59.99)

Croft & Barrow Walking Shoes on clearance at $5.99 (Regular price $59.99)

Woman’s Hat on clearance at $3.80 (Regular price $38)

Sonoma Top on clearance at $7.80 (Regular price $26)

Sonoma Top on clearance at $6 (Regular price $20)

Sonoma Boys Polo Top on clearance at $6 (Regular price $20)

Sonoma Boys Shorts on clearance at $4 (Regular price $20)

Sophie Rose Dress on clearance at $2.40 (Regular price $24)

Bonnie Jean Romper on clearance at $3.60 (Regular price $36)

Carter’s Baby Girl Shorts on clearance at $2.80 (Regular price $14)

Carter’s Baby Girl Tank on clearance at $2.40 (Regular price $12)

Carter’s Baby Girl Top on clearance at $3.60 (Regular price $18)


Subtotal $60.38

15 Percent off Kohl’s coupon

Tax $3.08

Total $54.40

– $50 Kohl’s gift card from blog giveaway win

Total  out of pocket $4.40

Total saved $367.72



Do you shop Kohl’s clearance? What was the best (or latest) Kohl’s clearance deal that you found? Did you ever win a Kohl’s giveaway?


  6 Responses to “Birthday Shopping At Kohls – $372 Worth of Clothes & Shoes For $4.40!”

  1. Happy early Birthday! So glad to see you found some things for yourself–we don’t often see you buying for yourself. I’m loving these giveaway wins. I won a Kohl’s $50 GC, too. We are shopping online tonight as a family before the 15% code is expired. I’m sure we aren’t going to get as much as you, but it will still be fun to shop for free.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Did you find something great, I sure hope so. If you didn’t get to buy anything yesterday don’t worry, Kohl’s coupons come quite frequently, and they have the free shipping on orders of $50+. I looked online first, and they had some great prices on baby girls clothes, but I did not see the capris I wanted, so I hoped that they’d have them in the store.

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