Aug 292013

CVS diaper Deal

Bellamy Blue is now six months old, and she is still wearing size 2 diapers. It won’t be long until we have to move up to size 3 though, but thankfully I still have plenty of Target diapers from an online sale last fall. Still, I do not ever want to have to pay full price for a pack of diapers, so when I find a great deal on diapers I pick up more.

Still, it really needs to be a great deal to pull me into our local CVS, as they are incredibly anti coupons plus quite rude in general.  There is definitely no customer service there, and it really makes me refrain from visiting that store if I can. A few years ago, I loved CVS shopping, and Simply CVS was one of the places that I went daily to stay up-to-date on the latest CVS coupon deals. Well, something has certainly changed – at least in our area of South Florida, and it seems like our local CVS stores really do not want any customers. Hmm… no worries, I like shopping at Publix and Target much better anyway.


What about you? Do your local CVS stores have a customer service/coupon problem?

Anyways, I held my head high, I stayed insistent yet polite, and I managed to get out of CVS without become too frustrated.


Take a look at today’s CVS deal, I am very excited about the low out-of-pocket cost for diapers, head & shoulder shampoo/conditioners and Kleenex.

CVS Diaper Deal & More:

Transaction 1:

3 x Huggies diapers at $8.99 each = $26.97 – (1 x $3 Huggies coupon and 2 x $2 Huggies coupons from Huggies mailer) = $19.97

3 x Kleenex on sale at $1.25 each = $4 –  (2 x $1/1 Kleenex coupon from SS 8/11 – Regional coupon) = $2

Total before coupons $30.97 – qualifies for getting $10 CVS Extra Bucks back

–          $3/$15 CVS coupon from previous receipt

–          $10 Extra Bucks from previous purchase

Tax $1.69

Total out of pocket $10.46

Total saved $33.17

Received $10 CVS Extra Bucks Back


Transaction 2:

5 x Kleenex at $1.25 each = $6.25

4 x Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Dry Scalp Care @ $5 each = $20 – (2 x Head & Shoulder BOGO coupons RP 8/4 – took $6.99 off each) = $6.02  (Qualified to receive $5 Extra Bucks Back)


– $3/$15 CVS Coupon from previous transaction

– $10 CVS Extra Bucks from previous transaction

Tax $1.43

Subtotal $0.31

Total out of pocket $1.12

Total saved $34.22

Received $5 CVS Extra Bucks Back


Total spent at CVS $11.58

Total saved at CVS $67.39

Total CVS Extra Bucks Back $5



How is your local CVS at dealing with coupons?

  3 Responses to “CVS Diaper Deal Despite CVS Anti Coupon Policy Frustrations – Paid $11 For $78!”

  1. We have a local CVS that acts like they are cracking down on coupons. The manager even referred to it as “preventing crime”. So now the self check out machines have a one coupon limit and the manager has to enter them manually. I choose to go over state lines ( I live in NY, but go to a store in CT) to a more customer friendly store that accepts all coupons and never gives me a hard time with the expired CVS ones.

  2. That’s crazy. I’ve never had a problem with any store taking my coupons even some that I’ve printed off the internet that look fake.

    A couple of cashiers have told me nicely that they thought I was going to rob the place and were relieved I pulled out coupons instead of a gun. I guess having a ruff appearance helps when using coupons.

  3. I hate that your CVS is unfriendly. The two in my town are both great. I do their Huggies deals all the time and often roll the $10 ecbs from one deal to the next. I have 2 in Pull Ups at night and one in diapers so I need their great sales.

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