Aug 022013

Pantene shampoo and conditioner

Earlier this week I received an email with a $3 Extra Bucks coupon, and well let’s just say that it has to be good for me to bother going to CVS these days. Why? Because CVS shopping is such a hassle these days. Was it any different with the $3 Extra Bucks coupon? Not at all.

First of all, they stopped using the CVS bag tagL That made me sad, I loved that little green tag, which was about the only reason, why I would actually stop at CVS. Then there is the attitude towards coupon, which is not exactly coupon friendly.

Well, I did use my $3 Extra Bucks coupon, so I am happy to have visited CVS this week


My Free at CVS Pantene Deal:

Pantene Conditioner on sale at $3.50

Pantene Shampoo on sale at $3.50

–          BOGO Pantene coupon from P&G insert

–          $3 CVS Extra Bucks

Tax $0.30

Total out of pocket $0.30

Total saved $8.98


How is your CVS store’s coupon attitude?

  2 Responses to “Free at CVS: Pantene”

  1. I did that same deal and I got a Q for a free Schick Hydro so I put that on too and got 4$ ECB back–my CVS shopping has been cut drastically over the summer and I’m so BUMMED about the bags too.

  2. I wish I’d gotten that $3 ecb. Oh well. I’m sorry your cvs is not a pleasure to shop at. I love cvs.

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