Aug 062013

H & M Online

For years I dreamed of having an H & M store nearby here in South Florida, and last year it finally happened. The H&M store is still a bit out of the way, which is why I am thrilled that H & M online finally opened up.

H & M online has opened up just in time for back-to-school shopping, and H & M has great prices on fashionable clothing for kids and adults of all ages. One of the things I love about H & M is the quality of their kids clothing, because their kids clothes can last through all of my three boys and still look great.

H & M online even sells uniform pieces such as uniform polos starting at $7.95, and they are on sale at buy 2 get 1 free, which means a cost of $5.30 each (plus free shipping with the below shipping code). Girls uniform polos are only $6.95, and these are Buy 2 get 1 free as well, which means $4.63 each with free shipping.

If you find something you like at H & M, you can use the H & M free shipping code: 0549 This free shipping code expires August 15, 2013.

With the new H & M online shop, you can also find a special H & M kids home store, which carries everything from kids duvet covers to towels, baby quilts and more.

H & M also carries to cutest Peacoats for young boys, and they last. 10 years ago, I bought a peacoat (with an H & M coupon) for my oldest son back in New York City, and it has lasted through both of my boys. We have gotten an incredible amount of compliments on this peacoat, and I’m thrilled to now be able to refer fans of the peacoat to the H & M shop online.


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  1. I have never heard of this store. Thanks for introducing it to us with a great review.

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