Aug 132013


With three kids in school this year, the back-to-school supply shopping list is quite extensive, so I am thankful for the back-to-school sales. I have not been doing much shopping around though, but I have been picking up the weekly deals, at Publix, Office Depot and Target.


Our Office Depot Back-To-School Deals this week:

3 x 4 Pack Scholastic Gluesticks @ $0.25 each

3 x 2 Pack Office Depot Dry-Erase Markers @ $0.25 each

3 x 3 Pack Highlighters @ $0.25 each

3 x Compasses @ $0.25 each

10 x Pocket Folders @ $0.01 each

3 x 1″ Binders @ $0.25 each


Tax $0.46

Total out of pocket $8.06

Total saved $37.05


Are you done shopping for back to school supplies?


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