Aug 102013

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brown baby shoes

Finding the perfect first walking shoes can be a daunting task, and trusting a brand’s quality makes it just a little bit easier. Although Bellamy Blue isn’t walking yet, we have been able to test out some early walking shoes from Shooshoos Shoes. Shooshoos was founded in 1996, and the shoes are made in South Africa. Shooshoos sell baby shoes, early walking shoes, and toddler shoes.

 toddler shoes

Bellamy Blue received a pair of brown infant shoes from Shooshoos, and these are perfect for her little growing feet. The Brown early walking shoes features three pink dots, which make them perfect for any outfit or dress.


These baby shoes are easy to slip on an off for a parent with a convenient Velcro strap, and the quality is great.

The non-slip rubber soles are very flexible, and as you can see on the image below, they bend easily. The flexible soles make these great early-walking shoes, because flexibility is a must, when it comes to tiny feet.


Shooshoos soles

 Check out the sole…

Shooshoos soles


 Check out the flexibility…

flexible sole


To add comfort and provide a snug fit the Shooshoos baby shoes have elasticized ankles, which makes them fit great and not fall off.

elastic shoe back




Bellamy Blue loves her Shooshoos shoes, and she cannot wait to run around in them.




What We Love About Shooshoos Baby Shoes:

  • They have flexible soles
  • The have an elastic back
  • They have a Velcro opening
  • They are quality baby shoes
  • They are made from soft, natural leather

Buy Them

You can buy the adorable brown and pink dotted baby shoes at the Shooshoos website, and make sure to check out the big collection of baby shoes and toddler shoes for both boys and girls.

Baby Guide

Shooshoos and the Shooshoos baby shoes are a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because these adorable and comfortable baby shoes come in perfect baby and toddler sizes. They are easy to wear, and these baby shoes help little ones make their first steps into the big world.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Shooshoos baby shoe sample for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the baby shoes from the Shooshoos.

  4 Responses to “ShooShoos Baby Shoes Review”

  1. I love the smiley faces on the bottom of the soles to help kids see which foot it should go on. Super cute shoes!

  2. These shoes are so cute. I love how flexible they are for little ones when they are just learning how to walk.

  3. I had never heard of this brand – the shoes look very confy and I like the sole and how flexible they seem to be for little feet that are learning to walk.

  4. I bought a pair of the toddler shoes (shooshoo smileys) when my little one started walking and wanted to be walking out doors. They are awesome! They seem to fit him very comfortably and he certainly is very happy toddling about in them. They are made from such soft suede (he has the sand star ones) with flexible rubber soles, A great first shoe, although I think my little one will be wearing shooshoos til he’s too big for their sizing!

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