Aug 212013

TArget kids clothes clearance

Yesterday, I made a quick stop at our local Target store to pick up some blue hangers for our youngest son. I made sure to check out the clearance while I was there, and I was thrilled to see lots of movement in the Target kids clothes clearance department. I expect that the big push on Target kids clothes clearance will come in September though, once we get well on the other side of the back-to-school rush.


Target Deals:

18 hangers at $2.99 – 15 Percent Off Target Cartwheel offer = $2.54

2 x Circo Tanks on Target kids clothes clearance at $1.50 each


Tax $0.33

Total out of pocket $5.87

Total saved $7.92

  3 Responses to “Target Kids Clothes Clearance”

  1. Cute tanks and that reminds me… I need to go buy more hangers! 🙂

  2. Sadly, I won’t be clearance shopping anytime soon! Everything has been donated! The racks are bare. Thankfully, no one was injured as my husband and small daughter were in the store hours earlier. There were tons of sale racks too!

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