Sep 062013


50 percent off Target Dollar Spot Clearance

This morning I visited another local Target store, in the hopes of finding more great back-to-school supply clearance at Target, but I was almost too late. They were already clearing stuff out, and putting things away, so the selection was very limited. I am still hoping to be able to find a back pack at 70 percent off clearance for my youngest son, so I am hoping that I won’t miss it. The Target back-t0-school clearance really do have a tendency of being marked down and put away very fast though, so pick up what you need, when you see it.

One lucky find was 50 percent off Target Dollar Spot Clearance, something I always look forward to this time of the year. With four kids, we go through a lot of workbooks. So, when I can get them at $0.50 each (or $0.30, when I get extra lucky with 70 percent off), then I am thrilled.


Target clearance

Second Target Back-To-School Clearance Trip:

14 x 1 Subject Notebooks on Target back-t0-school clearance at $0.22 each

2 x Marble Composition Books on Target back-t0-school clearance at $0.35 each

3 x 10 ct pencils at $0.50 each

11 x Kids Workbooks at $0.50 each

2 x Kids Stickers at $0.50 each

2 x Kids flashcards at $0.50 each

6 Gillette Shave Gel – $1.99 each = $11.94 – (2 x $6/3 Gillette coupon from the 8/11 RedPlum insert) = FREE


Tax $1.55

Total out of pocket $14.27

Total saved $31.88


Have you found any great Target Clearance lately?

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  2. I need to go shopping with you please! I never thought to hit the clearance shelves like this before. And to get so lucky as to have some coupons to go along with the finds ~ incredible! I will keep reading your posts and you just keep hitting me over the head with the how-tos!! Thanks!

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