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70 percent off target shoe clearance


Our 11-year-old fifth grader now wears bigger shoes than me, and so he has moved into men’s shoe sizes. He was in need of a new pair of sandals, which means that I have been stalking the Target sandal clearance for the past couple of weeks. This weekend, I finally found 70 percent off Target clearance on sandals, and we managed to find a pair of size 9 1/2 sandals for him for about $7.

As an extra bonus, there were lots of boys and girls sandals at 70 percent off clearance for around $5 each, and luckily we’d brought along our shoe list. Our shoe list is a simple list of which shoes we have in our shoe box at home, which shoe types and sizes we need to be looking for etc. With 4 kids, buying shoes when they are on clearance, and not when they are needed is a big plus, and it saves our family hundreds of dollars every year. Just think, if we’d buy four pair of shoes at sale or full price for each kid, we’d end up spending more than $300 – $350 on shoes each year. By buying at clearance prices and using coupons, I usually get the price down to $10 or less per shoe or sandal, which means paying around $150 a year in shoes for our four kids.

Of course, I’m a realist, which means that I am not buying too much ahead, when it comes to my oldest son and his school shoes. He is starting middle school next year, and I am pretty sure that the general “middle school uniform” cannot be bought on clearance.


Take a look at our 70 Percent Off Target Sandal Clearance finds:

Fisherman Sandals size 9.5 on 70 Percent Off Target Sandal Clearance at $7.48 (Were $24.99)

Cherokee boys sandals size 2 on 70 Percent Off Target Sandal Clearance at $5.08 (Were $16.99)

Cherokee boys sandals size 4 on 70 Percent Off Target Sandal Clearance at $5.08 (Were $16.99)

Cherokee boys sandals size 5 on 70 Percent Off Target Sandal Clearance at $5.98 (Were $19.99)


Tax $1.42

Total out of pocket $25.04

Total saved $58.66


Do you buy shoes ahead of time, or do you wait until they are needed?

Don’t forget that you can always find my latest Target clearance deals here, or under CLEARANCE in the top navigation bar.

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  2. You saved so much money. I can’t wait to find some great deals at my local Target.

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