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 ThredUp dresses

Yes, I’ll admit it. I am absolutely addicted to shopping for dresses. After three boys, I just love shopping for our little girl, and so far she seems quite content with wearing dresses. It is no secret that our family of six is on a very strict budget, as we are trying hard to save up for a home of our own.

So, to dress up our baby girl, I have come to depend on second-hand shopping, and I am thankful to be able to find dresses up to 90 percent off online.

I have waited, and waited, and waited, and my favorite online consignment shop has finally marked down their dresses (both summer and winter) to starting at $3.49, and last week I picked out some pretty dresses and some comfortable cardigans for our little girl.

I recently went through my own closet, and when I was done I shipped everything off to ThredUp. I did not expect much from it, and so I only sent off things that I no longer wore. The result was $11! Not much at all, and from my own experience I would only recommend sending off clothes to ThredUp, if you have no other places to resell. What it comes down to is that ThredUp is a great place to buy, but it really is not a great place to sell. I sent off a few pieces that I knew I would get money for, and then I filled the bag up with donation clothes.

Still, I was happy to get $11 for my old clothes, which were just taking up space anyway, and I was even happier to be able to get dresses for my baby girl instead. I also had some referral credit, and so I went shopping for my little girl.

Take a look at what I got for my little girl:

ThredUp dresses

 Thredup dresses

Thredup cardigans


Whenever I have store credit, and the prices are on the low end, I make sure to pick up my favorites…for next year, and the next, and the next… I know a good thing, when it is in front of me, and I also know that good deals tend to have an end. So, I shop while I can, because I want my little girl to have the most beautiful dresses, but I do not have the budget for it.

I love cute colorful rompers, breezy cotton sun dresses, and everything girly, and thanks to ThredUp, I can give my little girl a beautiful wardrobe of high-quality clothing in brands that we could not afford otherwise. When dress shopping at ThredUp, I try to look for my favorite brands that I know will look great for many years, I try to look for classic pieces, which will not go out of style, and finally I try to find dresses that come with bloomers. A pretty diaper cover can easily cost $10+ new, so why not get a dress with a pair of bloomers that can go with all the other dresses.

Besides dresses, skorts, jeans and cardigans also offer great value at ThredUp, and I love how it is easy to find pieces up to 90 percent off their original price.


This time around I only bought two dresses in her current size, and the rest were for the next few years. With four kids, I know from my own experience, just how fast the kids grow, and it is my job to keep up with them without breaking the budget.

Take a look at what I found.

Item Price
Baby Gap Light Jackets/Coats $3.49
Baby Gap Heavy Sweater 3XL $3.49
Little Legends Light Sweater $3.49
OshKosh B’gosh Light Sweater $3.49
Baby Gap Light Sweater $3.49
Gymboree Skort 5 $3.49
Gymboree Skort 5 $3.49
Place Princess Dress 4 $3.99
Unik Dress NEW WITH TAGS 2 $3.49
Good Lad Dress 18 Mo $3.49
Ashley Ann Special Occasion Dress 18 Mo $3.49
Old Navy Dress 12-18 Mo $3.49
First Impressions Dress 24 Mo $3.49
Chaps Dress 4/4T $3.49
OshKosh B’gosh Dress 3 $3.49
Baby Gap Dress 3 $3.49
Children’s Place Dress 18 Mo $3.49
Gap Dress $3.49
Gymboree Dress $3.49
Disney Dress $3.49
Guess Jeans Dress $3.49
Baby Gap Dress $3.49
Total before discount $77.28
– ThredUp credit $77.28
Order Total $0.00



If I had bought everything new, I would have paid about $630. At ThredUp the cost would be $77.28, but thanks to ThredUp credit I did not pay anything, not even for shipping.


How To Shop Smart At ThredUp:

  1. Sign up for your free $10 ThredUp bonus
  2. Choose the gender and sizes you want
  3. Choose prices low to high in the top right hand-side and start browsing.
  4. Check out the new-with-tag section (in the sidebar under “condition”)
  5. Add everything you like to your cart to reserve the item
  6. You can always remove it from your cart during your final sorting.
  7. Buy items such as jeans, jean shorts, dresses, skirts and jackets, which are hard to find at low prices even on clearance.
  8. Either buy a pair of name brand jeans or a coat for around $10, and only pay for shipping. Or buy $50 worth of clothing, get free shipping, and only pay $40 after the ThredUp bonus.
  9. Everything ships in 3 – 7 business days.
  10. Invite your friends and get $10 to shop for, once they make their first ThredUp purchase.


Almost everything my baby girl wears has been purchased second-hand or with gift cards (won in giveaways) and bought on clearance, and I am so thankful to be able to dress her nice on a low budget. I am so thankful to all of the Frugality Is Free readers, who have signed up through us, because it is thanks to all of you that we can dress our little girl in beautiful clothing.

The one time that we received two items (for a little girl we know in need of school clothes) that I did not think came in great condition, I simply sent ThredUp an email. After a few days, I received the credit for the clothing, and I could buy the little girl a few new gently used piece for school. Other than that, everything we’ve received from ThredUp has been in great condition, and many items have looked completely new, while some (like one dress in this order) have been new with tags.


If you sign up through any of the $10 free bonus links in this post, you will get $10 to shop for and so will I. I don’t know how long this $10 bonus will last, but once you sign up, you can always keep it and save it for a great deal or for a free shipping offer.

  4 Responses to “90 Percent Off Dresses – $630 Worth of Kids Clothes For FREE – THANK YOU!”

  1. How fun!! Great way to stretch a clothing budget. And buying so far ahead makes it all possible. Do I see a “pink theme” going here?

    • Cheryl, a few non-pink items snug in there as well:) I’m trying to think of what is pretty, yet practical for when my little one starts pre school, so yes I’m definitely shopping far ahead. Still, you never know, when this great opportunity ends, and I know that our clothing budget will always be very tight with four kids in the family.

  2. […] buy almost all of my baby girl’s dresses second hand online, because most of them look like new, and I can get them at 90 percent or more of retail prices. […]

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