Sep 282013

This week I won two fabulous giveaways. First I won a Safety 1st Safety Bundle, which includes a very much needed baby gate. It is perfect timing, as we are in the process of baby proofing, as Bellamy Blue is now 7 months old. The second giveaway prize was a beautiful pink leotard, which I am sure Bellamy Blue will grow into much sooner than I want her too. Her big brothers declared the first day home that she was going to be a gymnast, because she was so flexible. We’ll see what happens though, because I was a bit of a tomboy, when I was little.

There are lots of great giveaways going on at Frugality Is Free this week, just see the list below. Even better yet, the Holiday Gift Guide 2013 is about to launch, so make sure to come back often to find some great giveaways.



Baby Guide logo 2


Frugality Is Free giveaways:


Favorite Giveaways of the Week:

Diono Radian Carseat Giveaway at My Precious Kid – 10/16

Kiki’s Nation Giveaway at Mom-A-Logues – 10/3

Costume Express Giveaway at New Age Mama – 10/1

Therafit Shoe Giveaway at At The Fence – 10/1


What did you win this week? Any favorite giveaways?

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