Oct 282013

Lindt Chocolate

Did you print the hot $2 Lindt Coupon? A few weeks ago, I was able to score free Friday candy for my  boys with a similar $2 Lindt coupon, and I made sure to print the Lindt coupons, before they disappear again.

$2.00 off Any ONE (1) Lindt Product


I believe the Lindt chocolate bars are $2.59 at Publix, but hold on to the coupon, in case there is a sale. A few weeks ago, they were on sale at $2 each, making them free.

Target also had Lindt chocolate on sale for $2.28 not too long ago, so even if you cannot get it free, you will definitely get some cheap, great-tasting chocolate wit this coupon.

  2 Responses to “$2 Lindt Coupon = FREE Chocolate?”

  1. Thanks, will be printing these for sure…love their dark chocolate, but I don’t splurge on candy unless it is nearly free.

  2. They are on sale for two dollars this week at Walgreens.

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